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  1. Same here , receive automatic update from Tesco. I downloaded but I haven't installed yet. Where can I find the file so I can uploaded here?
  2. Just tried and still the volume is the same ... :( It does allow you to move the volume bars differently but once I tried its the same...
  3. Is there any way where I can set up a different volume for a notification ?? (by default this one is the same than calls) I been looking at different applications by they all change both at the same time.... Thanks!
  4. Really really thanks! I didn't know this, I will look in to it :) Many thanks
  5. Is there actually any way to unlock the phone? any??!
  6. http://www.modaco.com/topic/367329-moto-g-bootloader-unlock-and-rooted-how-to-unlock-network-restrictions/ 2 Ebay sellers, and unlockunit.com had to refund my money for the same problem....
  7. Tried 2 different sellers in ebay with no luck at all!! I dont know what else to do Is there anyway I could unlock the phone by perhaps flashing it and installing a different rom?
  8. Just receive an email from the seller saying that my imei has been rejected by the server :((( What to do now??!
  9. Thank you very much. I just purchased a code. What are the advantages of rooting and unlocking the boot loader then?
  10. I had recenlty purchased a tesco moto g 8gb . I had unlock the boot loader and rooted the phone but when putting another sim card the phone is requesting me a "network unlock pin" What do I do now?
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