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  1. I believe you'll need rktools (windows), not rkflashtool (linux) to use this backup. It's a backup of the stock 1.3.1 software that I downloaded from here some years ago, but I've not used it myself. Either way, the file is re-uploaded: here
  2. Hi diracsdeltafunction, see if this works. rkflashtool-32.zip
  3. Assuming I've understood you correctly, I don't think that will work, no. You'll need to download the RKtools application to flash that file, see the third link in the first post of this thread here and then follow the steps.
  4. Not a problem Lister. As far as flashing from windows goes, I'm afraid I have no idea. I use OS X usually, but used a Linux virtual machine in Virtualbox (running on OS X) to flash the hudl. Probably took a little over an hour to set up the virtual machine and maybe 15 mins of moving files to it in preparation. Have you changed any of the partition sizes? I'm not sure how rktools works on windows but can you flash the images seperately?
  5. I think I've got the file you're looking for, I've uploaded it to here
  6. My partner bought a Smart Ultra 6 some months ago and I'm now considering doing the same. Whilst looking through the developer options menu on hers (running 5.1.1) I noticed there's an option for "OEM Unlocking - allow the bootloader to be unlocked". Is unlocking the bootloader as straight forward as enabling this setting then unlocking the bootloader via fastboot?
  7. This is very interesting and I'd be keen to see it working, but I don't understand enough to offer any real advice! I have, however, used Debian Kit to get linux running alongside Android on the hudl; maybe comparing to this could shed some light on the problems?
  8. I'm following this and your FreakTab thread, though I currently have nothing to add or suggest
  9. how large is the chip and can you see where it's from?
  10. flurry

    Android 4.4.4

    I think that's more relevant to the Hudl2, which uses in intel chip. The original Hudl uses an RK3188
  11. you can definitely install an adblocker once rooted
  12. there's no rom (comparable in a way to a linux distro) above 4.2.2 - I believe we're missing some of the hardware sources to be able to compile a version of 4.3 or 4.4 for it ourselves, though my understanding may be slightly wonky on that. there may be another way to acheive a restricted user type environment, what are you aiming to do?
  13. settings > apps > all > chrome scroll down a bit and you should find an option to 'clear defaults'
  14. you'll probably have more luck searching more generally for something to remote control an android device - this forum is fairly quiet and any solution that works on android 4.2 should work on the hudl :)
  15. here you go :) EDIT: unzip first - the attached file contains the boot.ogg and the bootanimation.zip Hudl_Startup.zip
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