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  1. Nice and pretty smooth ROM! I just flashed Cexstel 0.62 for CM10.1 and it works flawlessly ;)
  2. You mean a lag between the first ring and the moment the dialer shows up on the screen? I really haven't noticed any major lag... In this rom there's also a cool non intrusive dialer, like this one: http://omnirom.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/11/UnobtrusiveCallNotify.png
  3. This is the smoothest KK rom I've ever tried :D Let's see how much the battery lasts now...
  4. I already have 2.6.33 ;) It turns out that it has been corrupted during the copy via USB (I guess a faulty cable), infact I couldn't open it with my file manager on the phone...
  5. Can't flash it, TWRP gives me error O.o I downloaded it twice and I always have this MD5 [email protected] ~/Downloads % md5sum Slim-u8833-4.4.2.build.3.4.20140303-CHIL360.zip ba1254295a521820ab22baf99ca35b6c Slim-u8833-4.4.2.build.3.4.20140303-CHIL360.zip Is it correct?
  6. I would recompile the kernel following the instructions here (https://github.com/ProjectAra/CeXstel-kernel-msm8x25) but I don't have time to learn how to cross compile the kernel (I'm using Arch Linux right now) because of incoming exams :\
  7. I tried his ARA rom and camera didn't work too. It's a shame because this rom feels quite a bit smoother than the original SlimKat... I think that using the 407MB Cexstel kernel instead of the 426MB one would solve the video problems.
  8. Unfortunately I have to say that I feel the UI quite laggy, especially when pulling down the notification bar, when I type on the keyboard or in random occasions. Surprisingly, when not all the screen is being updated (like scrolling a list) it seems quite smooth (I guess this has to do with the method Android uses to update the screen; it redraws only the changed parts). As ppl here say this rom is smooth, I guess I'm doing something wrong. I always full wipe before flashing. I even installed GLTools but it didn't help as it would with other roms. I already set a different governor using Performance Control. Any ideas?
  9. Strange thing: on my FusionX and setting system wide GLSL shaders optimizations suddenly EVERYTHING became smoother than before! :O P.S.: Oh, 1st post here... hello everyone! :D

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