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  1. i sometimes notice the bright changing really quick, for example, too bright and from nothing on same place it goes a bit darker and vice versa, is it kernel related? auto bright on. on AOSPMod
  2. Heya, im using this kernel on AOSP mod, i did some changes like you suggested before, but about swap etc any sugestion to improve performance specially cause of skype, i dont make calls on skype only text, but it is a bit slow opening etc Im using inteliplug on balanced profile like srfarias suggested
  3. i was already using ondemand, will try balanced profile, it was on.. eco performance i believe So far it seems a lot more fluid, i changed to balanced and cleared data from Skype, lets see from now on
  4. heya, thanks for the work, i tried the kernel on AOSP Mod but i have few issues with Skype, the app is heavy i know but with this kernel its a bit impossible to use, any suggestion for me to try improve it?
  5. How can i check if its on admin mode? on supersu it appear there the module is also active on xposed :
  6. I'm using Greenify beta 3 and i noticed some more battery usage, this happens to you guys? :\ Apps sleeping: Barcode scanner Google keep Facebook Lite Meo Drive (gps) Meo WiFi (to login on few public hotspots) and SDmaid also all resource applied (not the 4.4+) and in boost functional mode Maybe i have something wrong, any suggestion?
  7. Why i cant install that facebook lite from play store? :\ i will with the apk was just wondering why
  8. Heya, im having a problem on this last days, when someone send me an SMS sometimes i only get it like 10 mins after, with calls when someone call me they get the message that my phone is offline, after few mins i get an sms saying that they tried to contact me... Its like that the phone goes offline completely and wake up from X to X minutes. Any idea to fix this?
  9. Some1 use Smart Radio on Gravitybox? is it any usefull?
  10. Do this happen with some1 else? i mean the clock overlapping number?
  11. What do you think about this app for our Y300? playstore link : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.xiam.snapdragon.app&hl=pt_PT
  12. Lately when i receive an email on Gmail app the led blinks and all that but often i don't have the notification... i have to open the gmail and check it
  13. any good news moddingg? anyway keep up your good work!!
  14. yup i changed the disable to echo on 01extra, i stop using performance control, but you think its better to do with performance?
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