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  1. pls upload the ROM I want to try myself and you can get the boot.IMG from update.zip of xolo x900
  2. will u please post the link for the xda thread please
  3. No its not @metaplay check yourself http://www.xolo.in/products
  4. There is no xolo x500 ROM even xolo don't have the file.Also there is no xolo x500 mobile on their websit
  5. mohit.2

    root after 58 mb update

    thanxx but i recenty brick my phone :(
  6. i will send it to another service centre soon but ya i also thought there is problem with orignal ifwi with 2 vibrations but we have the only source for the files and i think the files are not corrupt but what is wrond that it is of old version and the ifwi with 5 vibrations is newer but not for xolo x900 i use hex editor and the ifwi file with 2 vibration was dated in aug 2012 and 5 vibration was dec 2012 i remmember i m contacting intel but they are saying that they only support boxed processer and xolo xustomer service suck i dont know what to do
  7. i got my phone back yesterday from service centre and they failed to repair it
  8. i thin we all should contact intel
  9. www.modaco.com/topic/355005-the-san-diego-hacking-topic-root-progress-etc/page-45
  10. i said gt flag 0x80000023 check yourself and try again :(:blink::(:(:(:(:lol::D:D:D:lol::(
  11. if anyone having different ifwi and droidboot pls post
  12. i think different ifwi need different gt codes i asked intel guys for the problem but they are not helping and some people at xda have done the same thing and they know more about this but are not replying now

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