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  1. wow, seems nice! can someone test the new rom and tell something about the requirements and the feeling? How much RAM and CPU usage takes the rom vs KK/ LP? i guess KK is the best one for the old device (best optimized) but i can't test this rom now. status about this rom please asap :D
  2. Hm - why do you prefer the cexstel kernel? Which Rom are you using? The Chil or Synopsis are the greatest here.
  3. Seems nice. Good job, dude. I prefer a stable kitkat until SlimLP has fixed the bugs. But.. take your time! :)
  4. luca020400, it's nice to hear about your status. But we're here in Huawei. You could answer to his question instead giving us all the time a status about your Moto G... ;)
  5. Hm, yeah. As i thought. Anyone knows a document / list about the trimmed features? Because the Slimkat is like Kitkat from the features.
  6. Heyo guys, i downloaded the Slimkat and the Kitkat as .zip. As we know Slimkat is a modified Slimakt with optimized features and much lesser filesize. Normal rom: Slimkat: 143MB Kitkat: 209 MB Without zip: Slimkat: 241MB Kitkat: 339 MB Addons / Gapps Slimkat mini: 65MB Kitkat nano: 110MB -> How ist that possible? (Nano has much less functions but takes a lot more) So i guess Slimkat has the same functions like Kitkat and all the stuffs. So why is Slimkat so much less from the filesize than Kitkat? Y300 hasn't so much storage - so it's better to take Slimkat for more free storage? Know someone the big difference betweeen the filesizes? More free Storage -> less services on the device -> more free RAM? :D
  7. Maybe you should read the text. He asked / said "to reach" not the currently status.. :) By the way.. You'll need now display-caf for Lollipop? If yes, so you'll port this for Kitkat too? Or it's to different? Just read some about display-caf with some issues. It takes a while until it works, hm?
  8. Is it a general Custom-Rom problem with VOIP? Or just here for SlimKat for our device? Can it be fixed? :o
  9. That sounds nice. I'll wish you good luck and do your best with the kernel. But its sad to read this if you're right. Take your time and optimize it. it's nice to read about your currently minds and i waiting for your final kernel. Im happy enough to see so much activity just for this low budget phone :) this phone was a present for my little brother and he's happy about it (the slimkat in use) Sorry for my bad english.. I come from germany :P
  10. Nice one - upgraded from 7.8 up to 7.9 without any problems. Looks good! :) Just a question.. How high is your score with Antutu benchmark? I guess 11052 is okay? Tried last time with 7.8 Slimkat.
  11. At first, thank you for your fast response. :) Is 10.1 faster or the same as FusionX? Also the usage between the both roms? btw, Cexstel-Kernel or the standard cm kernel then?
  12. Hello Guys, i'm from germany and i hope you can understand me well. I bought for my brother a Y300 for few months ago. Its a nice Smartphone for the cheap price. I rooted the Smartphone and flashed FusionX with the Kernel CeXstel (0.62). My Brother spending a lot of time for games - so he need a good performance for games. Tried first CM11 (from Dazzozo, ~3 Months ago for 1-2 Days.) but isn't so nice for playing games (fullHWA don't work correctly?) I dont like any ROMs with much RAM usage or any bloatware. Also we havn't support for the FusionX-ROM anymore (he stopped if im right..). Some alternatives which usage less RAM usage or with a newer version and have the same befenits like the stock ROMs? I dont know which one is the best for Gaming and smoothes UI. Any Ideas?
  13. The difference between the new 0.55 versions? The free RAM? :o And btw, why cancled the OC? :/
  14. Donated now a bit :) I hope it will help you. Just have 2 questions left: • Full HWA-Support soon possible? • CM11 use a CM-kernel (or adjusted y300-kernel?). It is possible to edit the Mhz up to 1200? ceXstel-Kernel had this for a while...

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