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  1. Here's my current set up on my Y330. Nova launcher, android 5 lollipop icon theme, dash clock widget, a lollipop/5 wallpaper and I have a P6 font/HW theme installed on emotion ui 2.3 I also have a lollipop/5 keyboard and locker.
  2. Haha. I'm now crazy about material design. I'm using nova and a lollipop theme :-) BTW I now have a y330 as well as a y300 :-)
  3. I have both y300 and y330. Y330 is a much faster device, but let down by a very poor camera. I have slimkat and cwm on my y300 but y330 will not see custom ROMs or recovery due to having a mediatek processor. No one is interested in porting KitKat to mediatek for huawei or any other devices, lots of Chinese phones have mediatek processors. So y330 won't see much development. I have nova launcher and run an andriod 5 lollipop theme and this looks great on my y330.
  4. Thanks awfully for giving these suggestions. theres one big problem with that, as i said in my post, my Y300 is totally dead, completely unresponsive. No power whatsoever, even when i plug the charger in, nothing. ive tried the three button combo ive tried fastboot and booting into recovery, but theres no life what so ever. ive also tried another battery just in case mine had shorted or something, and again, there is nothing!!! i should get some response by plugging in the charger, shouldn't I? im lost as to what has happened and everything ive tried and what you guys suggest doesnt work. :-( Im not sure why i have no power at all and i havent ever seen the funny coloured screens i saw before it died before, although i have read about it on here and elsewhere. My lovely wife thinks this is funny seeing me getting very annoyed trying to fix it, and she went into the carphone warehouse yesterday and pre ordered me a samsung galaxy fame!!!!!!! AAAAAARRRRRGGGGGHHHHH now i think i need to lay down in a very dark room with my scarlett johansson pictures and a soggy lettuce leaf........................
  5. :( :( :( :( I have to report the death of my Ascend Y300. RIP. I flashed 3.9 through TWRP late yesterday as normal after a notification from Slim OTA. Downloaded, and rebooted into recovery. No problemo......... Flashed 3.9. Flashed SLIM AOI GAPPS. Fine. Wiped cache, wiped dalvik. Rebooted. GOT Huawei Splash screen, then slimkat boot image. Then bright green screen with a blue rectangle at the top and a red rectangle at the bottom. then bright blue screen for 20 seconds. Phone went off and wont switch back on. Took out battery, left out 10 seconds but putting battery in or putting charger in has no effect, its totally dead and unresponsive. thats my second Y300 in 6 months, and wifey dear has now laid the law down saying i cant have a new mobile every 3 months, i cant get another as she says "crap chinese thing" Shes trying to get me to get a Samsung..................... anyway, looks like a total harDware failure so ill be skipping off to carphone warehouse at the weekend, and NOT coming back with a Samsung ;-D
  6. Yes it can brick your phone. And destroy a SD card and everything on it. Don't ever be stupid enough to have or do swap without proper instructions. As there isn't proper instructions around I tried to do it myself. Blindly and very badly. Result...... I bricked my y300 and left my SD card unreadable on the phone and PC. This angered my wife as she had a lot of photos of our children on it which were unrecoverable and she didn't speak to me for weeks after that. I now got a new y300 so just be careful and my advise is if you don't know or have doubts don't do it.
  7. Always best to look back and see if your question is answered.. .......
  8. I asked the same question a few pages back. Not just me then???
  9. I just ran into problems...... I've had a sudden reboot. Stuck at the huawei splash screen for several minutes until the slimkat boot image appeared. When it did reboot, all the lockscreen info had gone. All my apps had disappeared from the app draw and when I pressed the home button, browser opened and went to slimkat.net. When I pressed the back button, Google now opened. It took several presses to get my home screen back but it was very laggy and hung on Google now then it rebooted again. Now back working but I can connect to here via tapatalk but its saying I'm not connected to the forum ???
  10. We all can have at least one fantasy.......... I didn't have any network issues until I flashed the latest update, I'm not saying that's the problem and may be a coincidence......... Everything else perfect
  11. This is my secondary set up. Cheating a bit because I'm using themer :-)
  12. That's a great set up. Keep them coming-nice to see and read about alternate home screen set ups :-)
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