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  1. Hi rhen, I am not sure what happened, but during the first couple of days of using your 20140918 update I got a lot of google location errors and play services errors.I tried wiping cache but that didn't fix it. Eventually, I got fed up repeatedly pressing "ok" to the error message, so I've reverted to your 20140916a version for the moment, and all seems well. I can provide more accurate error messages if required. Rgds, choslimi update 20140926 - problem gone away
  2. Rhen, thanks for keeping this going. I can manage without the bootanimation (1.9Mb), the 3 you have listed above (14.6Mb). I have also deleted the alarms (1.1Mb .ogg files), the notifications (1.6Mb) and the ringtones (7.7Mb) apart from the one or two of each that I use. I haven't dared delete the UI .ogg files (but they are only 117Kb anyway). I don't use Apollo (1.6Mb) and I am sure there will be people who don't use Email (4.8Mb). Just looking quickly through the files, there are 20Mb of font files - if they are not essential, I don't mind going without them. Regards, choslimi
  3. Hi rhen, I can't say that I understand even a tiny fraction of the developor android link that you posted, but I installed the app and disabled the same options that you suggested on my phone. As you remarked, the phone seems snappier. Thanks for your various posts and your continued support of kitkat for this phone. Regards, choslimi
  4. Hi rhen, I didn't know about the "Google Settings" part (which was unticked anyway) and when I go to the "Settings -> Apps" part, there are never any updates to uninstall, so I guess I am all up to date. Many thanks for this gapps package, and for your quick answer to my question. And many thanks to all at Modaco for putting this CM11 rom on the G300. choslimi
  5. Hi rhen, Can you please clarify what you mean by "remove Google Play Services update". How do I remove it? What are the steps I need to follow? Thanks,
  6. Hi Kyan31, Rom looks great. Thanks very much. One minor problem, I went into stock messaging app and clicked settings and the app "stopped unexpectedly..." and force closed. I'd like to get into the app settings to disable notifications so I can use a different messaging app. If you get a chance to look at this, that would be great, if not, no worries. Thanks anyway. choslimi
  7. Hi cooina, I tried this but it is still more or less the same. bluetooth connects, but no audio is played (even tho settings say it should be) and I received a call but the call didn;t go through to the car audio. the call didn;t disconnect properly and I had to power the phone off and back on again to get it working again. bluetooth now off! Phone works fine with bluetooth off. I can see what you are recommending, i.e. gradually replacing the CM7 components with the B895 components, and am happy to continue along these lines if you have further suggestions. Thanks again for your help, choslimi
  8. Hi cooina, thanks, I have installed this and will let you know how it works in a couple of days. choslimi
  9. Hi cooina, thanks for that suggestion, which i tried today in a fresh install. At first it seemed to work better, I managed to connect to the car audio ok. I didn't have time to make a test call tho. After getting out of the car, I left BT switched on in the phone and as soon as I received a call I was, as before installing your zip, unable to hear the caller or speak to the caller, the phone went into the usual force closes of com.android.phone. I had to restart the phone and switch BT off to get it back again. The net result is that I am no worse off, but I still have the problem that I can't use BT. Thanks anyway for suggesting something... Choslimi
  10. Hi, I can't get bluetooth to work on my phone with the latest (20131118) version of this ROM (and 2030 baseband). It may have been working on an earlier build for some users but doesn't work for me with the latest build. Switching BT on can cause force closes of settings. Attempting to connect to (my) bluetooth car audio goes thru the motions (alert, passcode etc.) but is ultimately unsuccessful. Leaving BT switched on causes force closes of com.android.phone. Switiching bt off and then rebooting the phone makes the phone useable again, but with no BT. I have tried various builds of this rom during October, November and December with 109808 baseband and 2030 baseband but in all cases, I was unable to get BT to work. I have searched this thread and the precursor threads. There are more reports of BT not working than there are of it working, but no suggestions of workarounds or how to get it working. User core1024 (27 Oct) reports it working on 2030... that's where I'd like to be: http://www.modaco.com/topic/365763-gb237-cyanogenmod-7-updated-181113/page-3#entry2169118 Any ideas anyone? In every other respect, I agree with the other users here - this is the perfect ROM for me for this phone. Thank's very much Garnt. Thanks,
  11. Happy New Year to all Modaco users. I've just registered after having lurked here for over a year. I've had great help from many people here who have posted the same problems as I've been having and other who have posted the solution to those problems. Without the detailed tutorial and comments, I wouldn't have had nearly so much fun with my G300.
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