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  1. psst... weee nakakapagGPRS (globe) na ko sa phone ko finally. @kap (kaw ba yung nagtanung) nsa customer service ako. *not telling which dept in CS*. haha. musta na? happy new year to all.Ü
  2. how come i just found out about this thread? hehe. weeeeeeeeee... i love my sap again. yey globe!
  3. @rodnav how poetic. hehe. never fell, nor soaked; tapos nagpakamatay. hahahahhaha... haaayyy... uber-boring dito. kelan next eb? =)
  4. wrong timing naman eb nyo. be going to baguio for the weekend e. happy birthday na lang to master rey. ^_^
  5. @ katan i love that quote. yan yung sa butterfly effect db? i love that movie. very surrreal. ^_^
  6. ndi naman ako from marketing eh. customer service lang. so i really don't care. haha. btw, when is the new mda (xda3) gonna be launched? also, may defrag software ba for sap? kasi i'm sure some of the files do get fragment at some point diba? i recently found out na i can defrag my sd card, but is there a way to defrag the sap?
  7. syempre saken lumabas "siguro interesado ka saken sweetyls"... tapos galing k kat_thee. haha. btw, anybody here from smart? ask ko lang when are you going to launch your new promo (kung meron). and may bagong pda phones ba na lalabas? question na 'yon to everyone. been thinking kasi of getting a new phone. although hesitant pa rin ako to let go of my sap, practicality is dictating a change of phone na. whatchatink?
  8. pakana ni pzee yung ghost. napansin ko rin eh. haha.
  9. aku rin, ndi ko nagets. 3mos pa rin to go till my bday. ^_^ btw, my sap is still surviving. may chips na cya all over the silver plate face, my answer keys have turned into full-fledged gulamans, and i lost my camera. i'll most probly switch to globe sometime soon (kasi mejo mahirap pala to work at a telecom company that you don't patronize), pero i'll still be using my sap (openline naman e). also, i'm looking for an sd card reader to usb. ayoko nung mga x-in-1 ha. they're bulky kasi. gusto ko yung mga flash-sized lang. pra uber-portable. pm me kung meron. yung mura lang ha. :D
  10. @kap sa customer service ako. hehe. try nyo tumawag sa hotline, baka andun ako. :) @* thanks for the welcome. :lol: when's/where's the next eb? text nyo ko. may sweldo na ko finally. haha.
  11. @dino and pyke they're not really that strict about using the network exclusively. besides, my lock-up hasn't prescribed yet, so ndi ko pa pwede ipaterminate yung line ko. if ever i have it terminated, ok lang kasi open line na sap ko. *hehe*
  12. elo everyone! haha. ang tagal na pala. update lang, i'm currently working at globe na. still using my smartphone though. :)
  13. abogado amp. bumming nga ako ngayon e. i want an xdaII *hmph*
  14. dammit i want an xdaII @plan 1200! bakit ndi ko nabalitaan yang july9-16 promo ng smart??? does anybody know how i can avail of that promo?
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