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  1. please read my post! i really need some help

  2. can someone help me on how to revert the sd merge back from the stock? please and if possible make it a step by step instructions... thanks!
  3. Im not good in this kind of things but im a lg e400 user... maybe you should check your unit if its rooted or not, if it is already rooted then the good app that you should use is link2sd, it will move your apps to the external 1gb gig, (not in the external memcard micro sd) but if you want to move them in your real external sd (micro sd) you should create a partion in your micro sd then linkin your apps to your micro sd... There so many tuts about this, google is your friend...
  4. Is it possible to connect the L3 to a LED TV...?
  5. I'll just wait for more stable kitkat rom for e400, but i will definitely try it... it looks good so far...
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