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    X6 Pro Android 6.0

    How do I get root? This is the phone: Hardware : MT6735P Model : X6pro Build number : DOOGEE_X6pro_Android6.0_20160707 Build date UTC : 20160707-134518 Android v : 6.0 Baseband v: X2605_LWG_M0_V0.0.5_S160326, 2016/03/26 14:47 Kernel v : 3.18.19 ([email protected]) (gcc version 4.9.x-google 20140827 (prerelease) (GCC) ) #1 SMP Thu Jul 7 21:43:21 CST 2016
  2. My Y300 reboots every time after boot ends, I am able to interact a few seconds with the phone but after a while it reboots automatically. This phone had suffered a fall that destroyed the lcd, so I kept it out of use for many month, just yesterday I bought a new lcd for replacement. It works ok but now I have this problem. Also worth noting is the fact that the power button does not power up the device so I have to plug the usb cord to power it up, this action powers up the device automatically. A consequence of this is the phone not being able to boot to TWRP but it does boot to the pink/purple screen if I hold the vol up+vol down+power button and then plugging the usb into the phone. IIRC I should be able to interact with the device through the adb utility when the screen goes purple, however adb was not able to identify the device when typing adb devices, it returns nothing. It does returns D46E5C273EDD offline after a normal boot. Any input will be appreciated.
  3. yours is not much better btw xD About gpu issues, I thought it was not possible to port the stock kernel source code to newer CM releases because of the adreno binary blob, or I am missing something here?
  4. I forgot to mention I also use a swap file. edit: BTW, I installed your kernel in r209 and so far so good, just default ondemand governor is draining my battery XD and makes it heat a lot. But overall great kernel.
  5. Hi, how about adding some others governors? I don't know if you have talked about this before because I haven't read all 36 pages... But could you add lulzactive? Because I have used it with cextel kernel and it really makes battery last longer (setting it with low minimun speed like 18 mhz or below stock 320 in general), I have noticed that every app I use runs smoothly and I think I utilize a broad range of apps like for web browsing, emulators like epsxe, n64oid, myboyadvance and they run fine espcially with some tweaks provided by GLTools (16 bits rendering and shader optimizer); and pdf readers. Thx
  6. I switched from cm11 no slimkat yesterday, so far so good. Now I am looking no enable a swap partición.
  7. I have a swap partition, how do i enable it? thx

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