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  1. at.great

    New Phone ??

    Finally I get my new device galaxy note3 bye g510
  2. at.great

    New Phone ??

    I am not rich enough to buy cheap goods. i want to say goodbye to Chinese rubbish phone . my next phone is Samsung galaxy note 4
  3. I am using Skype video call for 2 hour per day without problem with this rom
  4. Tnx .I installed the dev realise for y300 on my g510 how can I update to g510 version?
  5. از این رام استفاده کن بقیه رام ها کس و شعر هستند بهترین همینه http://www.mediafire.com/download/t56f24p1l1ii11m/FusionX_v1.0_Y300_B199.zip بعد از فلش زدن رام هم این کرنل رو فلش بزن https://www.mediafire.com/folder/ald9dyk2bdym9/stable
  6. This is my antutu benchmark with stock rom ,adernaline and some pimp my rom tweak. Also i am delete the system app that dont need. The best is stock!
  7. use this its work for me http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1768315
  8. at.great

    [G510/Y300] LeWa OS5 Official

    well, i dont have 3g right now but 2g work. you can test 3g.
  9. at.great

    [G510/Y300] LeWa OS5 Official

    you can flash it to normal g510-0200 or -0100 just after flashing the rom flash this to fix the call and sms problem without touching your baseband. lewacallfix.zip - 2.7 MB
  10. You can trust asanfile the must of mobile repairman in iran use it.

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