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  1. Hey, I flashed v3.8 this morning and its super-laggy till now and restarts about 2 times an hour! :'( SlimKat v3.8 Kernel chil360 v0.31
  2. Ya, you can! Before installing the nightly update zip file, wipe cache and dalvik and then flash the new nighly update. It will take some time to start-up.
  3. Install xposed framework. Its an apk file. Then search for 'tinted statusbar' module.
  4. Still has the problem. Phone restarts when installing apps. Am o 12/1 build.
  5. Hey, had random reboots on 11/01 nightly while updating apps. and btw anyone give me a working FM radio app?
  6. Wipe Cache and Delvik! Then flash the rom and gapps! It will take some time to start (this happens only on the first boot after update.)
  7. Can anyone tell me if FM radio (hardware) works? Anyone give me a good FM radio app? I have 01/07.
  8. @rederik75: Same here man. I've also had a reboot while making a call! And yesterday the caller app also crashed and the call was stopped. :( I was on the 06/01. 01 and 06 were the most buggy builds for me. :| Have flashed 07/01. Lemme see how it goes! No problems yet! :)
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