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  1. I did, seeing as that's the newest version on Play Store. I re-did it after setting up the phone a bit more and installing Nova Launcher and I got 8949 now, still far away from 11,281. Also my phone rebooted after completing antutu both times.
  2. Wow, how did you get such a high antutu score? I just did a fresh install of the new build, nothing installed, and got 8458. Do I need to make some adjustments?
  3. Is it normal that Google Play Services keep awake? I took the phone off the charger 12 hours ago and in the battery section it's showing Google Play Services have used 60% of my battery and have been awake for 12 hours.
  4. I tried changing it to 18 but I still had to go through ES File Explorer just to see the ringtones even though they were in the proper folders in the phone path. Not sure if that's normal or if formatting the internal sd when performing the fresh install caused the issue. I just ended up moving the files to my SD card.
  5. That 1gb of space I believe, I don't know, when I attach my phone to my PC, there's 2 storages that pop up, my sd card and the phone one. I drop the files on the phone one so my notifications don't unmount when the sd card is being mounted and unmounted but they do anyways. They actually don't even show up when I go to settings to change the tones back, I have to use ES to locate the files on my phone and set them as defaults. So do I change the partition to 18? If so, how do I do that?
  6. Editing the line using build.prop did the trick. Thanks a lot. I seem to be having an issue though with my ringtone/notification tone. I keep them on the internal storage cause in the past when I had them on the sd any time I would mount/unmount the usb storage it would set them to default afterwards but with this rom it seems to be doing the same thing even though I have them on the internal storage and not sd card.
  7. Is there a simple way to disable the camera shutter sound without having to install a 3rd party app or edit the file names? I know some other roms offer the option under settings -> sounds.
  8. I've noticed this rom has this one annoying issue that I find most stock roms have and I'm not sure if it's rom related or touch screen related, but when my phone is locked and I slide to unlock, even if it's clearly over the unlocked part, at least 7-8/10 times it'll load the camera instead. Is there a way to maybe modify the slider screen? Huge difference since installing performance control and modifying my values. A bit of delay when loading apps for the 1st time, but since then everything is much more responsive. Did you change the governor as well or just the values?
  9. I'd rather more performance and less multitasking. This phone isn't capable of handling multitasking, I always close an app before opening another one or the phone bogs down too much. How do I go about changing the values?
  10. Not sure what I'm doing wrong, I've tried this rom every time you update it, perform all wipes, format internal sd. Phone itself is pretty smooth despite using a lot of ram at idle after installing my apps (about 15) ~300mb at all times in use, but apps take forever to load and hang for a while. I tried the test script and the phone seemed snappier but all my apps still lag quite a bit. Not sure if my sd card is just too big for this phone to handle properly (32gb class 10) but I don't have these problems on CM10.1 or SlimKat which I'm currently using.
  11. You should upload this to a faster server, took me nearly an hour to download it.
  12. Does anyone here use BlacRom CM10.1? Been using it for a few days now and it's the best rom I've used but I have 2 issues. 1 - I want to get rid of transparency bar, but I have no idea how to do that. 2 - I have this weird glitch where it shows the regular battery icon in the status bar as well as a circle one, if I go into the menu and hide it and unhide it's fine but then after a bit comes back.
  13. Been using it for a few days now. Once I disabled pocket mode and lockscreen notifications my battery life improved quite a bit. Everything has been working quite well and smoothly, my only issue has been sometimes I have to turn wifi off and back on for it to connect.
  14. Working link: https://mega.co.nz/#!tQB3mbKa!c8GXyy3YCAQmwH-Tn-FWsQ3cXiBSN9ASYS45-6cr9TA
  15. You ask this question every couple of days and considering how much time you spend here I'd imagine by now you've tried the majority of the custom roms available, haven't you found one you like? With only 400mb of available memory, no rom is going to perfect, there's always going to be some lag with any multitasking, some game is not going to play well, etc. It's a budget phone, you can't expect Nexus 5 performance. Gamer Rom V3X for me is the best stock based rom. Stock is always good. As mockingbird suggested above, joestones build of CM10.1 with cextel v0.57 is very smooth and fast and usually I have 100-150mb ram free at idle. The Kit Kat based roms are becoming very smooth but use a lot more ram.
  16. Just tried it, doesn't seem to work well on Y300, very buggy, couldn't disable data. Had to download GooManager just to be able to re-enter recovery mode. Wouldn't recommend it.
  17. Battery life is a bit better with 0.57, but I find performance is better with 0.62, also ram usage is lower.
  18. After trying the vast majority roms I keep returning back to Gamer V3X, great battery life, not too much lag, just a bit with the browser, video works great, music works great, even with all my apps installed at idle I get 200-225mb of ram use using CeXstel 0.62.
  19. How is this rom compared to SlimKat 4 for those who have tried both?
  20. Nothing will happen to your phone for using it on a Y300. If you don't find it smooth I suggest you try another rom instead. Try Expert V3 if you want a CM based rom, if not use stock based. You can delete apps using root browser but you should be careful uninstalling apps if you don't know what you're doing.
  21. Wi-Fi issues yes, I think all CM 10, 10.1 and 10.2 have Wi-Fi issues, 11 seems better but still has issues. I think the Wi-Fi on the phone itself is terrible so every rom seems to have issues. As for battery, I don't find there's any issues on either version, version 1 update 3 is smoother on our phone that v2 though.
  22. I just installed it, it works great, the only issue is I still get those annoying provider sms notifcations that an app is attempting to use data whereas the Messaging app on this rom did not give me that issue.
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