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    developing a Rom??

    hey guys! I want to start learning to develop a Rom for my device I want to know how do this?? witch programming langueage should i know??(i already know Java and C# and Android also i know some C and CPP) only i should use kitchen to develop a rom or there other way?(Cant install kitchen and don't know why!!!) Thanks!!
  2. shayan4shayan

    New Phone ??

    I have bought asus zenfone 2 ze550ml http://www.gsmarena.com/asus_zenfone_2_ze550ml-7120.php
  3. is it possible to change device RAM to 700MB or more??? and have less system storage??
  4. I have problem with google drive do you promise to me to mirror your link ???
  5. if you want to flash custom roms and other thing like this buy this phone(FXP will support all sony phones) but if you want to have a fast device but windows phone devices because they are fast and they give update all time.
  6. I planned to buy z3c or m4 aqua but for 3 month later thanks a lot
  7. they are fast but after installing some apps free space of ram will be low (for aosp about 80 MB and for cm10.1 and slimbean 30 MB)
  8. every rom that i tried after a week or two slows down witch rom is fast all time
  9. shayan4shayan


    use this link: http://www.mediafire.com/download/qda12cfonkop8en/update.zip
  10. thanks fonz93 I have downloaded it to my mediafire then download it to my computer its mirror link: http://www.mediafire.com/download/ww042nd1j7o8ug4/Cm12.1.zip
  11. is there any mirror ??? I reaaly cant download from Google Drive
  12. I found a solution Step 1 : Unlock your boot loader and install Recovery Step 2 : With Huawei update extractor create a flash able zip from stock Rom Step 3 : Flash zip file wia Recovery Step 4 : Re-lock your boot loader Finished
  13. for me workes well and I changes build.proph (lcd.dencity is now 240)
  14. here you go: http://www.mediafire.com/download/qda12cfonkop8en/update.zip
  15. download last firmware for g510 from here and install it(B200 global)
  16. chil360 dont need to flash supersu for root acsese root acsses is disabled in developer options and can be enable easily
  17. why do you think its ugly?? in my idea its beautiful
  18. I have installed xperia home on stock ROM like this and doesn't get any error I finally got that if you change b209 system files you can't use ROM anymore.
  19. after opening ES file manager device rebooted and after booting nothing works (even touch screen) before installing rom I'v wiped anything(system,data,cust,...)
  20. yes and when i installed xperia home with pushing ro systam/app and set right permissions all programs got stopped working and touch screen doesnt worked finally flashed stock rom I asking again which rom has best battrey usage??
  21. xperia keyboard is beautifull .
  22. wich Rom has best battery use?? I have installed b209(AOSP) but after flashing xperia keyboard all google apps got "stop working" Thanks

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