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  1. ivan41, I wasn't singling you, or any one else out with my previous comment. I just want to say that this ROM is fantastic compared to the garbage Huawei put on the phone. Thank you to the developer!
  2. I have to say, this ROM is fantastic. Some of the criticisms here are, at best, unrealistic. There is ONE person working on it, and we are getting it for FREE. This ROM is beautiful compared to the nasty garbage Huawei installed on it. There are bugs - what on earth else would you expect? Install the Huawei ROM back to your phone and go away please. This Cyanogen ROM is ported to Y300 is an outstanding piece of work. If you ever worked as a software engineer you would know this. Thank you again to the developer. I take off my hat to you.
  3. Thank you Shadowghost. I will try it and post to the forum on how I got on.
  4. Go to Settings ->Storage. Scroll down to your microSD card entry. Is the storage on your microSD card being picked up? In mine, the SD is listed, but it says it has 0 space, despite being fully empty and having 7.1gb free. In Astro File Manager, the microSD card is picked up normally as having 7.1gb free space.
  5. Installed cm-11-20140105-NIGHTLY-u8833 on my Y300 hoping for an sd card fix. Still wont find my sd card :( The rest is beautiful
  6. Hi all, I installed cm-11-20140104-NIGHTLY-u8833 on my Y300. Everything is great, except for a major bug. The microSD card is not being mounted, or if it does get mounted, it thinks its the internal phone storage. Pity. Everything else is beautiful...
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