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  1. Hi guys .. i decided to flash the u8825 version on my G330 .. it flashed nicely .. could not flash normal gapps coz not enough space in the phone .. sound is working ok .. but device is not able to read any simcard .. can someone help me on this .. i know there is a mod for KK but not for the 5.0 ... give me a shout someone Thanks
  2. I will make sure I try this next time I have this issue .. Fortunately, I re-restored the old cm11 which was still not booting ...then I dirty flashed latest cm11 build on top, wiped d.cache n cached then it came back to life .. I think the dirty flashed fixed some broken links... Thumbs up I did try that earlier also but it did not work :( but I am happy you guys replied to me post .. I still have the network signal drop ... Sometimes I have to reboot the device 3 or more times to detect network ... I think its only g330 related ...anyone knows ... ???
  3. Hi mate thanks for reply ... you got it, i can still boot into Twrp 2.6 or 2.7 its not bricked or anything ... but i did restore back the slimkat through twrp after the other one stoped booting ... well i'll keep the backup maybe someone else knows ...
  4. Help NEEDED Gents i am having some trouble ... i have a g330 .. i was using a march cm11 build which had 2.6 twrp .. then 2 days ago i flashed the latest slimkat build and i also flashed twrp 2.7 ... now not being happy with the slimkat .. i decided to restore my previous build including the boot .. but i am stuck at the Huawei Boot logo for ages and its not booting at all ... any ideas at all of what is happening .. i've tried wiping D.cache and cache .. but nothing is happening ...
  5. Is G330 compatible ... if yes .. is the procedure the same ... Please please also can any 1 point me in the right direction concerning G330 Roms and infos..
  6. Sorry to bother you guys ... i have a G330(u8825-1) ... i flashed the latest build yesterday and i have network signal issues .. do i need to flash somethin else ??
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