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  1. Ja_som can you upload the Moto_Cam zip file to Google Drive, so that I can download it from there? The current link won't work for me
  2. Try this guide. I don't think it will work, but worth a shot.
  3. Give this application a look. http://www.kingoapp.com/ I have no idea how it works and what it will do to your computer or phone, but it has worked for many others and is well worth the look. I would try it on my phone, but I am already rooted an have no interest in losing all of my data just for a quick test. It did not work on a Moto X, but it might work for the Moto G. Worth a shot.
  4. I am looking at the Moto X, and seeing if something like what they are doing can be done for us. Not actively though. It is not a priority for me right now.
  5. He skipped the logo flash, so he probably sees the Bootloader Unlocked warning.
  6. Fair enough :D just glad it is of use.
  7. Thanks, but no need to test :P it has been proven to work by hundreds of users on XDA
  8. Okay, so I have tested many different root methods on my Moto G. Somehow I managed to screw them all up! So here is how I got my root working. This method should work on Jelly Bean AND KitKat. This is my first guide, so if anything is missing, please notify me. DON'T GUESS! ask others for clarification. So far this is a Windows guide, I am unsure if this will work on Mac or Linux... #include /* * Your warranty is now void. * * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, * thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please * do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this ROM * before flashing it! YOU are choosing to make these modifications, and if * you point the finger at me for messing up your device, I will laugh at you. */ Notice: None of these files are my own, not even the method. I just took different files and methods and messed with them until I was able to get root. Okay, so here we go. Files Needed: My root tools ADB Tools - make sure to add to your Window's Path (step 4 and on) Moto G drivers Be sure to place "supersu.motog.zip" on the root of your device Directions: 1)Unlock your bootloader 2)Reboot into Bootloader 3)Flash Logo Fix 4)Flash TWRP or CWM 5)Reboot into Recovery 6)Flash "supersu.motog.zip" 7)Reboot Indepth Look: UNLOCKING BOOTLOADER Follow this guide from Motorola REBOOT INTO BOOTLOADER 1) Type mfastboot reboot-bootloader into Command Prompt and hit enter FLASH LOGO FIX 1) Type fastboot flash logo logo.bin into Command Prompt and hit enter FLASH RECOVERY If on JB 4.3 TWRP 1) Type mfastboot flash recovery trecovery.img into Command Prompt and hit enter or CWM 1) Type mfastboot flash recovery crecovery.img into Command Prompt and hit enter If on KK 4.4 TWRP 1) Type fastboot boot 44trecovery.img into Command Prompt and hit enter or CWM 1) Type mfastboot flash recovery 44crecovery.img into Commander Prompt and hit enter REBOOT INTO RECOVERY 1) Press the volume down button 2) Press the volume up button FLASH "SUPERSU.MOTOG.ZIP" 1) Wait for screen to time out 2) Awaken device with the power button 3) Tap "Install" 4) Select "supersu.motog.zip" 5) Swipe to install WARNING! The touch screen will be buggy. Just try the best you can. It is possible to install the zip, I have done it. Good luck! REBOOT 1) Reboot your phone [CREDITS] Motorola - for Moto G Google - for Android Redmond Pie - for ADB setup guide lost101 - for Moto G USB Drivers oasoas014 - for 4.3 Bootloader paulobrien - for "supersu.motog.zip" a1Pha - for TWRP & CWM ffosilva - for Logo Clean Up danger2u - for trying with CWM Paulskiii - for skipping JB Bootloader flash first :P Brave man right here. daothanhduy1996 - for getting me into Android! lokeshsaini94 & Lifehacker7 - for reminding me that who cares about warranties? Root that phone! :P Message me if I used your work and forgot to credit you!
  9. Yes it is. An app is required to make it work. I am not sure of the apps name though.
  10. Is this issue duplicated on any other WiFi enabled devices on your network. It is probably that.
  11. True. But as far as big name companies in the US mobile world :) because I am a bloody American and we are the only country that exists xD (Trying to be funny not rude)
  12. Sorry, but don't expect similar specs :) the Moto G went well above standard specs on phones costing more second hand a year out of date :D
  13. @top bit, I do hope that you mean 4.4.2 :P @bottom bit, which zip is for the one shown in the screenshot?
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