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  1. Tried what you both said. Dalyer, the part where you used the Huawei website to get the unlock code, always says its invalid, tried with the other phone as well, same thing. By the way the other brand new phone does exactly the same thing with 3G signal. Denzele, installed that modem firmware, didn't make a difference, behaves in the same way. Anyway I think I need something else as that sets it from the Australian fequencies, whereas I have an Australian phone that needs to be sorted out for UK networks. I'm almost giving up on this, can't even sell the damn thing if 3G doesn't work...
  2. No problem, thanks for your replies. So, considering that I probably have a G300, where do I go from here? Can I still try the "force update of stock ICS (B952)" ? And yes, I will try whatever rom to see if it's possible to get 3G working on this phone. By the I'm away from the phone for tonight but can try other stuff tomorrow and I'll also have access to another one exact same for oz tomorrow that a friend has (I don't think he's using it so may not be aware of the 3G problem, if it is also present on that phone). So how do I do the force update and where do I get the rom? If the GB baseband is 109808 then that didn't make a difference, as that is what the phone was on when I got it and the issue was present then as well. I don't mind trying the GB CM7 rom as well though if it might help (would I have to downgrade the baseband anyway to do that?). I have an IMEI backup. Thanks.
  3. Thanks for your reply dalyer, when I tick "Use only 2G networks" as you suggested, signal stays perfect constantly! What's going on? Can't see an option to try 3G only. Oh and no I don't think it is a G300+. Under the battery is just says ASCEND G 300, U8815 - 51
  4. Hello, Had this phone bought in UK a while ago, the vodafone version that was around, I unlocked that and did the OTA upgrade to ICS and it always worked fine on Tesco mobile. Anyway I loved that phone but it got broken. So I couldn't find any in the UK for under £100 but did find one on ebay new and really cheap but it was being sold in Australia, I contacted the seller and asked if I unlocked it will it work here in the UK, he said yes (I don't think he was lying because it does, sort of) so I got it and bought another unlock code which all worked fine. So I put a PAYG O2 sim I had lying around in to test, it seemingly worked but I did notice the signal dropping to nothing regularly (this is before I flashed it with any new ROM). I followed this guide to install a custom ICS ROM (I went for ICS as I figured the OTA upgrade that was running on my old phone was fine so was expecting the same performance again, and I've read lots of problems with the JB roms): http://huaweig300.com/huawei-g300-install-a-custom-jelly-bean-ics-rom-from-scratch/ That all worked fine first time and I got to the end of the guide without issue, the custom ICS ROM I installed is Slim v13 "B952-slim-v13". Baseband initially was 109808, after following the above guide it's now 2030. So as before with the original ROM, this phone is always completely losing connection, I mean always and quickly, it loses connection to nothing so "Emergency calls only" within a minute or less of putting it down, sometimes it does it while I am using it but less so. Just as quickly sometimes it comes back but often I have to go into mobile networks and search for carriers again to get the signal back, sometimes not even that works. Basically it can't hold a signal and I'm 98% sure it's nothing to do with signal strength as when it does have signal it's usually full bars. By the way the situation was exactly the same on the intermediate ROM that I installed (for purposes of changing baseband from 109808 to 2030) while following that guide so this exact same issue has been on all three roms so far. It does the same thing on the test O2 sim and my Tesco mobile sim (think both use O2 network anyway but have different APN settings). Both sims have full bars stable connection in a cheap samsung phone in exactly the same location. Can anyone recommend something I should do? Is this phone not going to work in UK because it came from Australia? Thank you. EDIT: Just tried this: "recovery-flash-b944.zip", exact same thing still happening.

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