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  1. Look post before, boot.img with chil360-MM kernel is about 12MB. At least, we need to repartition (resize partitions of) internal memory to install oreo/pie. But will it be bootable, I do not know.
  2. I do not know, 2 weeks trying to compile LOS15.1 with LOS13 device tree, (app/lib/framework one by one) because of errors... And question is will it boot?
  3. Another tip: oreo add some linux requirements in android kernel, so 5MB chil360-MM kernel rised up to 11MB... boot.img will be 12-14MB and default /boot is 8MB. At least, for Oreo, we need to resize partitions inside phone!!! I guess, best option is to sacrifice /cust for bigger /boot and /recovery (and /cache).
  4. Made experiment with BrokenPop (ex-Broken roms, now Dysfunctional roms), 5.1.1 rom. MM kernel, GCC 4.8, audio-caf/libhardware for kitkat, fm radio from slimkat ... - FM Radio still not work, tuning station works but no output on speaker nor headset; - apk can not be installed from internal nor external sd memory - parse error! +apk can be installed from /data/local/tmp or /mnt/obb/apk (both folder and file mod to 777)... unknown cause! + wifi upload works normaly; most of stuff work. download rom . . . . . sourcecode
  5. Well, all camera apps should turn on Max.brightess is there is a option. Snap Camera for CM-13 has it coded: https://github.com/CM13-Y300/android_device_huawei_msm7x27a-common/blob/cm-13.0/overlay/packages/apps/Snap/res/values/cm_strings.xml
  6. New version, is ready! Now Android 9 Pie is supported... for flashing :) TWRP- image, no problems (adb and sideload are working, in few tries). TWRP- flashable.
  7. Comfirmed! Used same drivers (wifi and wlan, lp5.1 branch; wifi is disabled with mm6.0 branch) and CM-12.1 - default: chil360-kernel-LP 3.4.109 + toolchain Uber-4.9 = kernel panic and restart; - upgraded: chil360-kernel-MM 3.4.110 + toolchain Uber-4.9 = kernel panic and restart on CM-12.1 (works fine on CM-13, but updated drivers); - fixed: chil360-kernel-MM 3.4.110 + toolchain GCC 4.8 = no kernel panic, wifi upload works fine!
  8. 1 - Back up all data from you phone, cause it will be ALL ERASED, twice! Be ready for No More Warranty for your phone!!! 2 - Unlock bootloader: https://www.modaco.com/forums/topic/362034-unlock-your-bootloader/?tab=comments#comment-2115119 3 - Install custom recovery while you already in bootloader mode, you can flash other or newer recovery over and over that one: https://www.modaco.com/forums/topic/364071-recoveryall-cwm-6035-08082013/ -- or -- https://www.modaco.com/forums/topic/362074-recoveryall-official-twrp-2710-root-01082014/ 4 - In recovery mode (CWM 6.0.x.x or TWRP 2.8.6.x+) flash particulary 5.x.x rom and reboot after completed flash. 5 - Reboot to system and wait for loooong to see "android is starting" after looong bootanimation.
  9. Sorry, but NO on all answers. Random restarts, short battery life, no BS on calls only if use proximity sensor patch/disabler, normal lags for LP/MM roms, only sw decoders.
  10. No, just LS-LP...zip and save services-spoofed.jar to overwrite original in framework, in zip or via TWRP, if you want to use microG instead of OpenGApps. and/or Xposed instraller (install package v89 directly and reboot).
  11. Liquid Smooth 4.x is aftermarket firmware based upon AOSP 5.1.1 and SlimLP. + Big rotated bootanimation; MM kernel and WiFi modules from srsfarias' RR LP 5.5.8 so WiFi uploading WORKS; switching SD cards work; newest Firefox Rocket browser; BT and stock Camera work; Vol. rocket WakeUP; Theme manager by default, Layers is added; TotalCommander is added; overwrite original services.jar with patched services.jar so could use microG FW... - Wallpaper in SlimLauncher can be changed on reboot; may reboot after app instaled; stock Browser not work on the first boot; FM still do not work...
  12. Liquid Smooth 4.1 (more info soon) download folder @MegaNZ
  13. Rom without many bugs : android 4.3 or 4.4.x roms with display-legacy and with turned off proximity sensor with initd-noProximityMedia patch will work.
  14. Thanks for interesting. Before all that you had to: - backup user apps, data (contacts, phone calls log, messages, etc) will gone, - unlock bootloader partition (also will delete all user data and apps), - flash some custom recovery like CWM or TWRP 3.0+ ; then can flash LOS rom and initd-noProximityMedia patch. Camera should works, FM and video encoding not working.
  15. Try to block proximity sensor with flashable but no turn off screen during call.

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