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  1. Thanks for the update. I am using it without gapps. Works fine so far
  2. I had problem with the status bar, so i changed rom. I hope you ll be able to fix. Thabks anyway ;)
  3. First and inly problem: status bar disappears. Well, not disappears, but it's unreadable
  4. Dirty flash from previous version, after a couple of reboots all seems to work fine. The annoing notification bug, not showing un the notification area, has been fixed. Still miss the wake screen through volume buttons. Many thanks to the dev for this great rom. And one question, mr srfarias, where have you been until now? ;)
  5. Testing the new update without gapps. I ll wait for a few reboot before giving my opinion. Is there a way to wake the screen with volume buttons?
  6. I found the option, now i have the percentage in the statusbar. Great! My bad, sorry :)
  7. I was just looking for a new up to date jb rom, and this one made my day. Actually the "slimmest" rom for this device, i guess one of the fastest. A couple of hints/request: 1. Switch the default language back to english 2. Please add the possibility to show battery percentage in statusbar! Edit:my bad, see next post A very good rom imho
  8. Sorry to be in late, but i think that the 2.7.something version was ok for lp, if you have been able to flash kk roms. I have the same version of twrp and I didn't touch it, simply 'cause there's no need to do it. I've heard that 2.8.x it's a lil buggy. Did you try to install the 2.7.x via fastboot? Edit: i read you are not able to in fastboot... Sorry! Dunno how to help!
  9. Cada vez que se actualiza teslaos, se actualiza esta rom tambien
  10. Happy tp see a new rom for our poor old device. I'll try it
  11. Here gets confused when you switch the main memory to sd ext, and maybe even if you don't do this. It's a known bug that occours also with cm10.1 by Fonz. Just copy (don't cut) and paste here folder from internal to external (or viceversa) and this will do the trick
  12. thanks man, works fine on y300 with aosp mod. it takes a while to perform installation, but it's ok.
  13. Ok, but It's still a workaround... I thought he had found a definitive solution :)
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