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  1. mine barely hits a day with light usage .....am on the latest cm11 nightly anyone with a suggestion on a rom with solid battery life will be appreciated.
  2. Try using Pa gaaps.....U could use gaaps from a diffrent device although you will have to edit the get_prop in the updater script for them to work
  3. yes it works ...I don't know the thread to it. Its a flashable zip file. If you don't find it pm me
  4. Hey Aristria BBM works well on cm10....Partition your mem card to something like 1gb and use s2e.
  5. used to experience the same problem for using minigaaps ics on Cm10.
  6. so that means we can only get a themed one with some apps ported back to kitkat....Lolikitkat
  7. Hey Lister have you been able to get the android L. Dev preview to boot?
  8. En the screen recording aint working too.....would be great if Zeelog made updates
  9. Tried the omnirom and works smooth exept for the force closing omniswitch
  10. Hey how do I fix error status7?....I know its the updater script bit can't realy pin point it
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