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  1. I guess I somehow suscribed myself to this thread lol haven't posted in here a few years Sold my phone, Don't remember all the topics Ive made
  2. i_oWn_u

    Msn 8.0

    [email protected] (Ill Paypal whatever resonalbe price you want) PM me
  3. i_oWn_u

    Msn 8.0

    Paul I love you :)
  4. i_oWn_u

    Msn 8.0

    I need an invite :) [email protected] -Really appreciated thanx
  5. So im talking on my phone... Then in the middle of it , it starts to skip real bad like it just goes blank no one can hear no one and its been going on for quite sometime I don't think it has anything to do with Cingular Ive had it for more than a year. Whats my problem?
  6. I use to have this problem... I just changed my ringtone song, so it played a louder sound.... And then i used adobe auditio (aka cool edit pro) To higher the sound of it. But not too loud or it will sound crappy over the speaker all blury.
  7. so im about to go to bed right... I charge my phone.... I turned if off for once.. is it ok to leave it on 24/7? Anyway I turned it off to charge it I wake up in the morning Unplug the charger AND MY PHONE WON"T START Help me plz... :|
  8. I was just on that page haha It cost money? Is there anything free....
  9. These sales people keep calling me .... I want to block them somehow , without changing my number any ways? If not ill change my number tommorow
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