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  1. Hi, i bought new lumia 735 recently, and i have some problems with memory, first boot i entered all files email .... but then i resseted phone cuz im under 18 and i needed 18 years for apps. I made new email and stuff, but the thing is on start app photo shows pictures from one drive u know like preview but nothing in photos, and when i go in storage sense it says one drive has 700 mbs i tried to uninstall but there isnt any uninstall option. And in other files there is 600 mbs hthat cant be opened. What do i do ?
  2. haha, he probably just wiped phone. Root zour phone, then install cw recovery mode, wipe phones data/cashe, wipe advanced dalvik cache and battery it isnt really nessecery but its ok ,put your zip the android gbxtreme on sdcard go install zip from sd find it install it and there u go.
  3. Hmm, why dont u try something like LG G2 mini or Samsung S4 mini, they got nice performance and its 4.5' , i mean noone makes small phones with good performance, iphone 5(s,c ....) is small and fast but still its an apples product so idk. :D
  4. I decided to take phone via VIP provider (VIP Serbia), And i got option for about 15E/month so im thinking about samsung galaxy Core, Xperia m2, Alcatel Idol 2, And LG L80, there is also for about 10E/month Htc desire 310, Zte Blade Q Maxi, Lg L70 ! :D So what u think i should choose.
  5. Daubt, even if i would to get it from there they would charge me twice as the price of the phone to get it in country !
  6. its nice, but its 200euros and i dont have that much, im 15 so i cant earn it, that is why i am asking you about zte blade v its 100euros in here. http://www.handy.rs/sr/p/zte/blade-v
  7. I would but cant get it in my country . Zte is kind of best option but i heard rumors about zte using xinyh as g300 and im afraid of it burning flash memory, and idk if forum is active. If i was able to get coolpad f1 in my country idk get it no thinking ! :D
  8. Hey, my g300 is complitely dead, and i want to buy some low budget phone (serbia range) and i was thinking Zte blade V is it worth buying ?
  9. Guess so, but i think its gonna cost me much more to just send a phone to them, then to get it repaired with all the taxes my country has about sending 10e+ outside, or taking it insine country so with those taxes i might as well buy a new phone . When i collect enough money, or used one. :D But ill check what private services can tell me about it if is dead is dead if is fixable ill see what can be done. :) Tnx Anyway !!! :) :)
  10. I guess, so no point in triing to repair it ? DAMN :(
  11. Hey I was on Tesla ROM, I started camera screen froze, so i took battery out and back in and sense then phone wont boot back on. Nothing black screen no recovery or anything, but when i connect to usb-pc it makes that sound like its connected(pc makes it) and tries to install drivers, but it fails. When connect to charger nothing happens. Is there anything that i can do(warranty expired 2 days ago).
  12. Yeah, saw it, ugly interface, lack of abillityes and how is it with xynih ?
  13. What is this anyways? Sent from my U8815 using MoDaCo mobile app
  14. ok, here is 20e and i got none, but i tought we could do it, i guess they arent using some special technollogy or anything. :D
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