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  1. Hi Dani! Can you help me? I don't found Fluffykitkat (CM 11) for an old Huawei G510... Please!!!

  2. i have pure performance installed - my camera works without problems I have flashed the rom - direct after this pure performance my steps: - data factory reset - wipe cache - wipe dalvik - format cache, cust, system, data, sdcard0 - rom flash - pure performance flash - reboot works fine for me
  3. EN: It is a entry in build.prop - open it - set ro.config.low_ram=false to true - its smoother DE: Das steht in der build.prop - setze einfach ro.config.low_ram=false auf true - dann ist das flüssiger :)
  4. have you wiped cache, factory reset and format the partitions? Without that i have the same error :-P
  5. i dont know what you can do - i use CWM for CM11 : http://www.modaco.com/topic/365942-recovery-all-cwm-clockworkmod-recovery-v6045-cm-last-updated-2112/?hl=%20cwm and it works ...
  6. This Rom has NO NFC! but smooth and very nice ... for nfc and better battery use FluffyROM B199 ... it's the best for daily use
  7. i havn't a Y300 but i think: yes you can - its based on Y300 CM11 ;)
  8. FAQ Battery drain: i dont know ... you can test it ;) Video: play perfect ( tested with google movies, mx player and youtube ) Bugs: i have no bugs ... and you? Other standard questions - no call problems - gameplaying perfect ( tested with GSN Casino, Farm Hereo Saga, Candy Crush Saga, Minions, Bejeweled Blitz and many more ) If Playstore doesn't work: - close playstore complete ( long press home ) - Open Settings > Apps > All - delete data: playstore and google framework - open playstore and accept terms
  9. For Developers You can use this rom - without ask me - as base for your own custom rom. Base informations - based on cm11 2014/03/09 - NO ui modifications! - Fluffy tweaks ( view screenshoots ) - data/app support - superuser in settings - init.d support - custom bootanimation enabled - google bootanimation included - Roboto Condensed font as system font - transparent statusbar in launcher and lockscreen ( kitkat style ) - NO GAPPS FLASHING! GAPPS INCLUDED! Custom mods ( updates flashable ) All things tested ! - CM PurePerformance Mod: Download ( after flash this mod antutu benchmark: 7957 ) Download: FluffyKat CM11 Base version HOWTO INSTALL - reboot into recovery - data factory reset - wipe cache an dalvik cache - format cache/system/data - flash FluffyKitkat Rom - if you need - flash some listed mods - reboot and enjoy Screenshoots
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