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  1. First thing i tried when everything failed: nothing happens when i try to wipe data or factory recover, the device just reboot with his 4,4.2 broken firmware. I'mm thinking abouth that my phone has simply something wrong from an hardware point of view. Something regarding the ghost sd card or the 8gb memory.
  2. I'm sure that zip file is the correct version of the update i need, the problem is it keeps giving me that message of "/system/app/3c_checkin.odex" has unexpected contents. Installation aborted Maybe, and i say maybe, if i try to flash a 4.4.2 retail uk gb system img only i could fix that, but i'm not sure if or where i can find a 4.4.2 en gb system image.
  3. thanks for the answer man. Reinstalling 4.3 was the first thing i tried: downgrading simply not working. i followed a guide i found on xda, nothing. My phone stay with a corrupted 4,4.2 android
  4. Thanks but i already followed that good guide. the point is that i used a cwm that is said to work with 4.4, i flash it like in the video but then when i'm in BL and i select (with volume up ofc) recovery i don't get the cwm screen: i just get the broken android robot logo and if i press volume up + power then i get in stock normal recovery
  5. the problem is that when i flash all the CWM or twrp i don't get any error, but when i try to recovery from BL nothing happens, i just get the "dead robot" logo and with vol up + power button i can get only in classic stock moto g recovery
  6. Hi everyone, sorry if my first post in MoDaCo is about asking help but you are kinda my last hope. I have a Moto G 8gb UK retail version, bought from amazon.co.uk and used in Italy. 3 days ago i received the ota, i installed it via wi fi, everything went smooth, i used the phone whole the entire day and no problem at all with it. At night i turned it off and put in charge, then the next morning i turned it on and it simply became useless: it stopedd int he home screen giving a lot of error messages like "the star process failed" "gapps stopped working" ecc ecc. I tried to do the update process again via sideload but i get the error message: "/system/app/3c_checkin.odex" has unexpected contents. Installation aborted I tried to flash a custom recovery like CWM v3 found on xda to root it and install a rom to restore my phone or at least to make it working again, but CWM is not even booting. I really don't know what to do now. Downgrade to 4.3 seems not an option, cause it's not working for me. Factory resete/wipe data and stuff is not an option neither cause IT DOESN'T DO ANYTHING. It's incredible but i can't factory reset my stock and i don't know why. Guys, give me any idea, please. Thanks for your time.

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