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  1. Никола!

    change boot LOGO

    Sometimes doesn't help...
  2. Никола!

    change boot LOGO

    How can I turn off my boot sound ?
  3. But, this is German.. I'm from Macedonia, i will try only international rom... Also i'm worried about soft brick..
  4. Can somebody upload Y300-0100V100R001MKDC150B171 Macedonian ROM? http://asanfile.com/file/view?fileName=huawei_y300_firmware(y300-0100%2Candroid%204.1%2Cemotion_ui%2Cv100r001mkdc150b171%2Cmacedonian-dt%2C05011mte).zip&name=huawei_y300_firmware(y300-0100%2Candroid%204.1%2Cemotion_ui%2Cv100r001mkdc150b171%2Cmacedonian-dt%2C05011mte).zip
  5. Никола!

    change boot LOGO

    Can I brick with changing bootanimation?

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