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  1. mondomata


    Hey, little knight! :P :) Do not write such, which is not true, or that you can not really tried it! :unsure: I have long used the Hungarian ROM and not a bug. Only an older, but very good ROM (Basics of KonstaT :D ) I'm using just now CM11/4.4.4 ROM of KonstaT, and is fantastic! :excl:
  2. mondomata


    Gapps in the ROM zip! :excl:
  3. mondomata


    Sorry, try again. (Again uploaded, and tested upload file.)
  4. mondomata


    Yes, multilanguage ROM. Italiano 2: Italia and svizzera. ... And 30-40 languages :)
  5. mondomata


    I'm KonstaT fan! I'm android fan! I'm think, need look hungarian ROM for ZTE Blade 3. The best safe, and best stable, and best rapid CM 10 /Android 4.1/ cyanogen ROM for ZTE Blade 3 (fundations of KonstaT!) :blush: :D My favorite hungarian developers - HJANOS1, and APEELME - created simple but 'atomic-safe' ROM for Blade 3. One moment: Blade 3 stock ROM for user memory 391 MB, hjanos1 ROM for user memory 404 MB! Not stop screen - never! Never freezing! Rolling forever! Try, try, try! Do not lose anything, but you gain a lot. Phenomenal safe!!! Multilanguage support (30-40 languages; europians, and asians, and africans, and americans...) Itinerary: DOWNLOAD(Mega) 2 zip file, and from Clockworkmode (CWM) recovery install (Before install steps: backup custom ROM, wipe data/factory reset, etc...as KonstaT ROM) : Nr.1: ROM zip (ROM name: Cyanogenmod10_by_hjanos1.....zip, MD5: 318ec96427477063c060e2c8841ee7c0) Nr.2:...sound.zip (need! update ROM-speakerphone) Note (24. august): Google apps (gapps zip) in the ROM zip! Do not need special install! After install update google apps. FM radio app zero! Maybe from Play... Other usual apps working. Enjoy! :wub: Original files: apeelme (hungarian and english support): http://zteblade3.blogspot.hu/, hjanos1: http://forum.kelzsoca.hu/androidfans//viewtopic.php?f=266&t=535
  6. mondomata

    [DEV][ROM][25.6] Ubuntu Touch

    Hi dear KonstaT! I trying Ubunto for Blade 3, but download ubuntu ROM in hotfile.com do not go! Please new download - way of ROM ......THX.
  7. mondomata

    [Recovery] TWRP for ZTE Blade III

    Thanx you, KonstaT! TWRP is more confortable than CWM. But I do not know: TWRP backup file go in CWM recovery, and CWM backup file go in TWRP? :)
  8. mondomata

    [DEV][ROM][2.7.] CyanogenMod 11 (Android 4.4.4)

    Dear KonstaT, I'm happy for CM 11 (4.4.3), this is stabile version from You. (Browser fullscreen on my phone do not nice, but I'm do not panic :) ONCE: thanks you. You are genie! (Sorry for my "english")
  9. mondomata

    [DEV][ROM][2.7.] CyanogenMod 11 (Android 4.4.4)

    THANKS, THANKS, THANKS, DEAR MASTER! Best Blade3 ROM of all Times. :)))) .........................Still! (Ps.: I'm "multilevel" Blade, and Blade3 ROMs user... [DEV][ROM][14.1.] CyanogenMod 11 (Android 4.4.2) = ON EAST AND WEST IS BEST. :)

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