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  1. Mas aquilo é um membro dos Arcade Fire ou o Surfista Prateado? #RIR_SIC

  2. Melhor que ivete sangalo só ivete mangalho #RIR_SIC

  3. #MyWeirdNeighbor Stands on the balcony, staring at our balcony, no shirt. He has a garden gnome in his balcony. I once waved at him, drunk.
  4. No, but I solved it somehow by flashing the stock kernel on Victod's signature.
  5. I'm getting an "Fusion Settings has stopped working" the first time I load the rom, and the home button is not working. I've formated all I could (caches, data, etc.). Any ideas?
  6. O Granger levou com um cumshot #valetudo

  7. RT @AEMazlumoglu: Selfie dediğin polis otosunda gözaltındayken çekilir (7 Mart) http://t.co/oc5Lit3Z1z

  8. Have you heard ‘Afterhours (Velvet Underground)’ by Miguel Pinheiro on #SoundCloud? https://t.co/XOrQsnoLAv

  9. Hi, I'm having an issue with stock/stock based roms. Every other hardware button works, but home is not responsive. There is haptic feedback, but the button doesn't do anything. It works fine with CM11, but when I load a stock rom, it stops working. Any ideas? I've had an issue with baseband, but I've flashed baseband-eur and I can end calls now.
  10. RT @MEOpt: Desanimados com o amor: o MEO está convosco e lembra que há mais na vida do que Romance. Comédia ou Terror, por exemplo. #MEOVid

  11. Ninguém merece tanto mal… RT @5mnoite: Ficamos com a atuação de Mler Ife Dada

  12. Um dia vou entender o que os direitolas artolas entendem por "esquerda caviar"

  13. Tweet #jointhenetwork to unlock exclusive content from the upcoming Sherlock app. Help us reach the next milestone. http://t.co/T6zNCnLLrt


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