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    Huawei Y300
  1. Because that is one of default values for zRam and like @zolaIII said,tipical linux bug.When you set 26% or 102mb zRam android will separate to each core 51mb.
  2. Set value to 26% and after reboot you will have 51mb zRam-a and that is just enough.
  3. Off topic...I dont understand German,is these new official rom,update or neither? http://www.android-hilfe.de/original-firmwares-fuer-huawei-ascend-y300/586421-firmware-b209.html
  4. How goes settings in Viper to increase loudness?Thanks..
  5. Can you put here link for huawei stock camera apk?Thanks in advance.. Edit: nevermind,I find it.
  6. gregySK

    Root g510 with towelroot

  7. Edit line in build.prop "ro.telephony.call_ring.delay" from 3000 to 0 ms.
  8. I think that is kernel related because when I flash Cextel kernel wifi toggle work fine.
  9. You can change theme as you wish.There are lot of themes on google market or mobogenie.
  10. Yep..you right.I think that was a tipo.. P.S. Nista care od ovog roma za tebe,nisam skuzio da ti imas 0000 verziju.

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