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  1. shame it isn't dual sim PLUS microSD, one slot is either the second sim or memory. I did see some hackeroo involving gluing a sim onto a SD.. but potential for failure looks high! I love my Honor Holly, but mainly as it was both cheap and had dual sim plus the slot for the memory.
  2. I am running the (un)official B199 repack on my Y300, having only just started playing with upgrading. I chose it over a CM derivative because of the purported stabilty and battery efficiency. For me though, that it is still 4.1.1, leaves me with the two known issues with this android release: 1. I cannot plug my Y300 via USB into a PC and have an option NOT to mount it. 2. After connecting it to a PC, and on subsequent removal, my keyboard (Swype) in this instance undefaults itself (due to teh way that the memory mounts itslef and doesn't check these things). I read these things were fixed in 4.1.2, but obviously Huawei have not upgraded their Android version. They also have no plans to release 4.2. Does anyone have any good solutions? espeically to 1 above. I know of teh workaround to 2, but it's not a great one. I see that a Y320 is released now/soon, which has 4.2.. I wonder if the firmware will be compatible? Thanks
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