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  1. If the update makes the tablet unfit for purpose, is that against the sale of goods act ? and you can return for refund.
  2. On Moon Reader there are lots of settings available, the default operation appears to be you TAP not swipe. EG Tap screen Top for page Up , Tap screen Bottom for page down. or tap left or tap right. However Swipe also does things .... gentle swipe up of down scrolls page vertically. Cannot find problem on mine.
  3. Yes...and no it did not work, dongle was not recogonised, tried 3 different ones, apparently kernal is missing a driver. Original Hudl 1 did work IF it was rooted and a PPP app installed. HUDL1 worked also with a USB to ethernet adapter, H2 no way.
  4. I have not had much luck with using stylus on H2, when I first got it I tried the ones that worked fine on the H1, the rubber black type and the mesh type, and the result was very poor indeed, so much so that I went to Tesco and tried my stylus on their H2 samples thinking I might have a duff H2, and got the same poor result, tried the Tesco stylus and that was fine. I have tried with others and cannot find one that is cheap and works. I do not know what is special about the Tesco own H2 version stylus. Anyone found a supplier that has a stylus that works nicely with the H2 ?
  5. You do not necessarily need 1 or 3, but I did say the set can be useful for other USB devices. They can also be useful for plugging in USB memory key/keyboards etc.
  6. 1 of these ebay 200941902700 £1.49 1 of these ebay 271523165526 £2.15 1 of these ebay 140901579664 99p should give you method of testing voltage and current on Hudl and most USB devices I have all and are very useful on monitoring USB device power
  7. Has anyone found problem with the Dolphin Browser since the update ? The dolphin browser, latest Dec 14 version worked "almost" ok, but did not show animated GIFS if you used the Jetpack, switch that off and it worked. With this new Tesco update, I cannot get any pages to display using the Jetpack, turn that off and the pages load fine and display, I had this when I first got the H2 back in October and the Dec version solved that problem until this Tesco update.. I have uninstalled and re-installed with no difference. Can any one confirm the same ?.
  8. Settings - wifi - far right on the wifi line (one with on/0ff) 3 vertical dots, should get a drop down list - scan, wps pin entry, wi-fi direct, advanced. WIFI DIrect -If there are any entries in the remembered groups tap and select forget, same with peer devices. It could be that your android phone wants to connect and when it does, the Direct SSID appears. Have a look at your Android phone WIFI etc I tried this with H1 and H2 and the H2 does show an SSID with Direct in the name, and I can see that SSID on my my phone.
  9. Have a look at your wifi settings - use the 3 dots top right and also look here http://www.techradar.com/news/phone-and-communications/mobile-phones/wi-fi-direct-what-it-is-and-why-you-should-care-1065449 and here
  10. Are you using finger or a stylus ? if stylus I found that the ones that worked with the Hudl 1 do not work, or work badly, with H2. The Tesco stylus works fine. There is an app that can boost screen sensitivity, SGS Touchscreen Booster for SGS I9000 but does appear to work with other makes, and seems to work with H2.
  11. I had some stylii which worked with the H1 but one did not work at all on H2 one rubber works if firm press as does the mesh one, but both poor. I went to Tesco when I found the problem as I thought it was my H2, but they did the same on their units, however trying their £5 one worked fine, so you may get different results with different makes - probably.
  12. build 20141009.191216 kernal 3.10.20-00004-ga9e6e22
  13. My Hudl 2 works fine on HDMI and a cheap 32in Videocon TV
  14. aerostar


    For an ordinary case - no keyboard - I bought one from Ebay, £7.99 inc postage, has all the correct holes and access, not bad at all, slight mis-alignement of couple of holes, but not enough to be a problem. eBay item number: 201206084628
  15. Oh-Oh !!! just been using at bit more and whilst it seems more stable it still plays up with screen flicker - especially using postcodes (UK) and street view.
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