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    Huawei Y300
  1. thetonyxx

    [Question]Best Rom for your device

    my prefer rom is CM 10.1 by fonz93
  2. for android L navigation bar use gravitybox
  3. gps seems improved compared to stock based, i can connect at 10 satellites :D
  4. if so slow on nexus 5 let alone on Y300 :o
  5. why only stock based rom have full hw accelleration
  6. the same for mè, ondemand + row (the only option i can setting) but crash all time :huh:
  7. i ever disable it, is only a waste of ram, cpu and battery
  8. antutu crash during 3d and reboot...
  9. this is the best CM of ever! but why whit today release i cannon change cpu freq or governator in performace setting? today whit 26/08 release i can modify parameters is beacuse i upgrade whitout wipe except dalvik and chace?
  10. my record is over 9000 whit y300
  11. but the first 3 time not :mellow: i reachead 8900-9000 points
  12. during 3d test antutu phone reboot :wacko: but before of first 2-3 rebook after installation, antutu complete the benchmark
  13. governator ondemand, I/O cfq or deadline

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