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  1. Found the thread :( Please note: All These ROMS contain the [T] button and associated Bloat
  2. Ok thanks . Will check all 11 pages of it now as there is no sticky to it.
  3. greybot

    [T] button removal

    Brilliant guide flurry. Almost got my hudl back to where it was after the upgrade now :)
  4. ^^^^ Me too. However I'm back to bloatware and the [T] which I'm going o try and remove soon. Would love a IMG of the stock with upgrade, no bloatware, no [T] and rooted if there is one.
  5. greybot

    HDMI cable?

    Has the update fixed the back bars on TV output??
  6. greybot

    screen problems

    Been playing about with my replacement (fresh from factory floor apparently) and is yet to freeze on me. Will keep you updated if/when I get the dreaded freeze.
  7. greybot

    Full Screen Mode For Hudl (Hide Navigation Bar)

    How would I go about setting up one user to have the navigation bar showing and another not (with UDN navbar in use)? I can't seem to disable the navigation bar for one user and not the other.
  8. greybot

    HDMI cable?

    Update: Got hudl replaced (fresh one from the factory apparently) and I now have no issues with any TV's and/or HDMI cables. So it was hardware related. Although they still need to release a software update for true 1080p output* *no black bars on either side of the tv
  9. It does fix the problem, but agree it shouldn't be a long-term solution. Needs fixing.
  10. greybot

    wireless display / miracast from the hudl?

    I too would like to know if anyone has had any luck with this and if it's true 1080p display with no vertical black bars on either side. I might go into tescos store and ask them to test it on one of their wireless ready TV's, as the HDMI is useless at the minute.
  11. greybot

    HDMI cable?

    Issue 1. HDMI cable not working properly I have tried three different HDMI cables of different sizes (5m, 3m, 1m). The 1m works well in most resolutions on my 32" samsung tv. I have a smaller HD Ready tv and when I plug the hudl into it, the screen flickers blue literally every 10 seconds with any of the cables. I know it's not the cable or tv, as it works fine with other HDMI peripherals I have. According to tesco it's software related and they will be releasing an update to fix this issue which they said is coming sometime in February, so I'm holding onto the hudl till then because everything else I am happy with but really could do with the HDMI working better. Issue 2. Aspect ratio/Vertical black bars on TV Display They really need to fix the black bars on either side of the tv screen. I've read it's a problem with all tablets running 4.2.2 and google aren't fixing it. Am yet to find a workaround other than using a lower resolution and zooming in, as stoolzo recommends. It's a real shame because the hudl is advertised has having "1080p HDMI output" and it's nothing like it as it just mirrors the display as small as you see it on the hudl itself and you have to use the zoom feature to make it bigger (and even then it doesn't fill up the tv screen). I am yet to find a workaround for the aspect ratio in a higher resolution and hope the software update in February addresses it.
  12. Great thread. I need to root my hudl because I want to install an app that needs root for turning the display off when connected to a tv. I take it the rom will be be updated when tesco update their software? I'm waiting on two updates they said are coming out (the first to fix the touchscreen issue, and secondly the HDMI connection issue). THanks
  13. greybot

    Tesco Replacement Hudl Service

    I rang the helpdesk and they informed me that the touchscreen becoming unresponsive is software related and a fix via an update is coming out before the end of this month. I am waiting for this and an update for an HDMI problem (also software related) due for middle of February, to fix my Hudl. If it doesn't I will return it.

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