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  1. Im trying to install v2 on slimkat 5.2 but it always says Installation aborted.i,ve tried with TWRP 2.7 also CMW and CWM 5. But Where is the Problem? :angry2: :angry:
  2. Unfortunately it doesnt have... :( hey man it is not easy to Port such things ...Specially when It Runs 4.2 but ours is 4.1 ;)
  3. There is already screen shots from Simple home :P
  4. Hi Guys...im back with a new update Check First post ;)
  5. Dani Use This Apk And Edit By Yourself It Support Recompile, You can Also change Setting BackGround...THis is The Only Stock Setting That support Recompile That I Found in a Chinese Forum But I Dont Know How Did The Dev Add Recompile Support To This File. http://www.mediafire.com/download/7k9v2ukh471vdwb/Settings.zip
  6. It Wont Work.I Did it about 50 Times :( These Apks Are locked..No Way To Recompile.
  7. Dani Im Uploading Setting.apk that i taked it from a Chinese Forum..the one that i used it in my Rom: http://www.modaco.com/topic/368990-rom-411-b199-infinity-emotion-v2/ ..it Support Recompile And Setting Background Wallpaper And Logo ;)
  8. Most Of the Stock Huawei Apps Such as System UI-Setting-FrameWork Cant Be recompiled.
  9. It Must Work with old version Of Twrp.
  10. Are you sure ? :D The link is working i just checked it now.
  11. Nice Rom... Flashed Today..But I have a Problem: When Connecting Phone To PC noting Happen..I.ve flashed Rom-Update1-2 and 3...Any Solutions? :(
  12. http://bbs.anzhi.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=8727397&extra=page%3D1%26filter%3Dtypeid%26typeid%3D12166%26typeid%3D12166
  13. Try installing With Twrp and wipe system and cust too....

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