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  1. I unable to get the loudspeaker option on an ongoing call..any1 help me..??
  2. Anybody used the latest build..??plz give any feedback about it...
  3. anyone can please tell me which kernel you are using????
  4. Is this lolipop version working good???any hangs in the UI...????
  5. My internal sd is not working after installing slimlp,it shows unable to mount internal sd,now im currently using slimkat,but same problem occurs,so im planned to install huawei original stock rom If anyone knows to resolve,let me know plzz...
  6. No it will work probably your downloaded ROM is corrupted. Download again and install with clean flash.
  7. No it will work probably your downloaded ROM is probably corrupted. Download again and install with clean flash.
  8. S,i have Y300-0100 This rom works fast for me.Love dis rom....!!
  9. yes,I installed the 7.2 build,it is very smooth The total ram availability is 407mb,before it is only 385mb. And the processor is overclocked to 1.05zghz from 1.01Ghz,So it increases the processing speed as well... It is 100% worthy than CM11... Hats off chil360.
  10. I installed slimkat 6.8 build,it has many bugs, 1.home button not working 2.notification panel not working I installed bank gapps Is this problem fixed on build 7.2??
  11. Is the slimkat has 4.4.4 update Happy independance day!!!!!!!!
  12. Can anybody plzz tell me the latest build which is stable and fast..??
  13. 1.There are no bugs except random reboots which occurs only twice a day.Its not a problem. I use 28/04/14 rom,which runs smoothly upto now..... 2.yes,you have to be rooted,unlock the bootloader,and install custom recovery like TWRP. 3.http://huawei-y300.tumblr.com/post/47366836617/how-to-unlock-and-root-huawei-ascend-y300-all Go to this link and follow the procedure.Its very simple. 4.In the case of getting the bootloader code,dont request from HUAWEI website,as it takes much time....so u follow the steps mentioned in the following link using DC-unlocker http://huaweinews.com/2013/11/unlock-ascend-y300-bootloader/
  14. guys pls help me.im currently using fusionx (B199)stock rom,it s very fast,good battery life,stable. i want to install kitkat(4.4.2) on my y300.what procedure i want to follow and what i want to download.plz help me.im currntly running TWRP v2.6.3.3

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