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  1. Hi, Does anybody with a Nokia 6230i know if it is possible directly email (using the built-in email application) photos taken with the built-in camera. I think I'm correct in saying that the built-in email application has the ability to add attachments. I have read somewhere that this may be limited to 100KB maximum attachment size but I'm not sure if this just applies to the 6230 rather than the 6230i? What size are photos taken on the phone (ie. in KB). Are there any options for reducing quality or increasing compression to get them under 100KB? Thanks for your help
  2. Thanks for all the feedback - much appeciated. Very interesting to hear people's views on T-Mobile.
  3. Hi, My company have been offered a very good deal from T-Mobile UK under their Business One Tariff and are considering moving to them from Orange. I have had a few people mention that the signal coverage isn't as good with T-Mobile as the other networks - this concerns me a bit because we have a lot of field-based engineers roaming around the country so it is important for us to have good coverage. Does anyone have any opinion on whether this is likely to be a concern, I'd be particularly interested in hearing from business users who travel around quite a bit with a T-Mobile handset e.g. someone working in field-service or sales etc. We have also looked at O2 and Vodafone which are quite a bit more expensive (is it a case of you get what you pay for??). We have found Orange to be reasonable although we have been having a few problems with the antenna local to our office and also some problems with call drop-outs recently. Thanks for your help
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