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  1. Disappointed that you can't move apps to SD card in this version, which you could on the previous version, but got round this with link2sd.
  2. I've just updated to the latest version of this rom today which installs flawlessly, however I can't move any apps to SD card, which I could do with the previous version. If I change the storage to "use external SD as primary" I get an error message saying "Cant move app not enough storage space." Tried reformatting and starting again and not ticking the "use external SD as primary" and get error message saying "Cant move app" Anyone any ideas how to fix this as its been driving me nuts!
  3. lyntillas

    [Giveaway] Chance to get Cubot X9 by free from TinyDeal

    I really like the Cubot X9 - its got great specs.
  4. lyntillas

    Cyanogenmod 11?

    Anyone else think its unusual that I can get (and I've got) Android 4.4 on my original blade, yet we can't get beyond the stock rom on the ZTE Blade V. This is not a criticism, just wondering what can be done to improve my Blade V.
  5. Hi just updated to this version. Still got the problem I had in the last version - when I want to check my voicemail I can't get the keypad I just get a black screen. When I finally get the screen back all I can do is end call - I can't delete any messages as trying to get the keypad back results again in a black screen. I have done numerous searches on modaco and apart from someone asking the same question in 2011 and 2012 I can't find an answer. Any advice on this greatly appreciated.
  6. Hi Due to the way that KitKat now processes text messages I can no longer restore my text messages with SMSBackup+ - the messages get restored and wiped. Has anyone found a workaround to this? This has nothing to do with the rom, this is a geat rom, its so fast and battery efficent.

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