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  1. Thanks. I just did a wipe data/cache nothing else. I will flash this. I need to because if it is a hardware problem then i have to send it to repair it.
  2. Thank you very much!
  3. I will try on wednesday because i don't have the phone now. I hope it works but if i can restore the stock recovery will i able to flash the stock ROM from internal sd?
  4. That would be awesome. I have UK: (Virgin).
  5. yeah i forgot to change that. thanks i will try that.
  6. So i need a step by step guide guys. I download the stock recovery img from the Stock ROM thread then flash the stock ROM from internal sd card?
  7. I know how to do that but how to do it if you can't use the microSD? I have your JellyBlade ROM installed and you know that microSD and the internal SD is swaped. su dd if=/sdcard/recovery-cwm6036-8225.img of=/dev/block/platform/msm_sdcc.3/by-num/p16 This is the same command that i need?
  8. Somehow the phone does not see the sd card. Something went wrong or i don't know. The current software is JellyBlade by gkalen. So i have CWM but i can't flash anything from sd card. I tried several sd cards. How could i flash the stock ROM?
  9. Thanks but why change some audio files? Is it louder now with headphones?
  10. Please fix the language description in the 1# post. Mayar=Magyar(Hungarian) :) Your ROM is great but the new MIUI is very bloated. The themes are now not free and you need a Xiaomi account and lots of MIUI apps like security wich prevented me from installing Adaway. I had to disable the Security app... I liked more in 2012-2013. V3 maybe? I don't remember... I stay with JellyBlade.
  11. This antivirus is on my windows computer. I dont use antivirus on android.
  12. All your custom ROMS gets this alert from ESET Smart Security 7: a variant of Android/TrojanSMS.Stesec.H trojan
  13. GaBBren

    Any interest in a new kernel governor?

    oh yeah i tought it's gkalen because he is very active with this stuff lately... sorry Shiftyc :)
  14. Can we merge the internal memory and the virtual sdcard? My biggest problem is the little free space in internal memory.
  15. GaBBren

    Any interest in a new kernel governor?

    Me too but i only use it if you integrate it in ur custom ROM.

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