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  1. Thank's kokesil, i did have the box ticked to update recovery, i have now taken it off so hopefully this won't happen again.
  2. Just to update I was unable to do anything via adb and eventually gave up on it. I did however find 'Rashr' which allowed me to flash a new recovery direct from the phone. I couldn't get CWM recovery back on but TWRP has gone on ok and i can now install nightlies and the new gapps again. That sorts it for me!
  3. I tried but it is just hanging on 'waiting for device' (the device is listed) correctly.
  4. Hi Guys, been using this ROM for a while and still lovin it. I had been staying up to date with Nightlies then i installed 13/10/2014, now for some reason i am unable to access recovery mode to apply any more updates. The phone itself works absolutely fine, Root has not been affected, i can download new nightlies etc.. but i can't get into recovery to actually apply them no matter how i try and do it. I have tried using the 'reboot into recovery' option and also the 'button hold' from switching on, i have also tried 'factory reset'. Nothing works, any suggestions? No error actually occurs, the reboot to recovery holds on the Huawei logo then after a (long) while just boots normally.
  5. Only one other mention of WiFi hotspot (comes on but no signal received by other device). Is no one else having this issue? Is it on the to-do?
  6. One other thing. I moved from the 27/01 build to 07/02 and seem to have lost the ability to change column and row numbers. And also set/unset the ui search widget.
  7. First of all excellent work Dazzozo and then! I have come straight from stock ICS and this ROM runs faster and smoother. I have a few issues. The main one you are aware of is that WiFi hotspot doesn't work. It activates with no apparent error yet no signal is received by other devices. Other than that there is a small problem with SD cards not mounting properly, for updates and may be causing issue with some apps this can be gone manually via CWM for nightlies however. The other Small problem is with Apollo which may be linked to the above. Play Music works fine. Thanks again to all involved! Great work.

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