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  1. Thank you for the excellent guide and image, worked a treat for me ( used the CWM version) :)
  2. Frederick_99

    [T] button removal

    Many thanks for the guide, worked a treat for me to :)
  3. Frederick_99

    Hudl problem

    sound like a warranty replacement to me ! probably do more harm than good trying to fix it
  4. Frederick_99

    wpa_supplicant modification for ad-hoc wifi?

    sounds interesting...hope you get it to work.........!!!!
  5. Frederick_99

    wpa_supplicant modification for ad-hoc wifi?

    am i right im guessing you want to join a wifi hotspot from an apple iphone ? I have a 3GS which will broadcast wifi on hotspot but for the life of me I cant get the hudl to see the network broadcast...laptop, net book etc see it fine ??
  6. Frederick_99

    Car mount, a recommendation

    i just did a quick test with the hudl in the case picked up about 4 satellites , but with case removed found upto 9 in exactly the same location with accuracy of about 20ft.
  7. Frederick_99

    Car mount, a recommendation

    maybe it i something to do with the orientation..... when you say vertical does it seem faster to lock in one vertical position or the other ( ie front facing camera to the right or left ) as this may be influenced by where the GPS antenna is located within the huddle ( I dont know !) or , I believe that once a GPS device has located the satellites, it somehow remembers where it was , and so if you use again roughly where you last used it it finds things quicker....... this probably explains that when first using the GPS it takes a long time to work out where it is .......if that makes sense ! i've just got a case so will try out in the next few days as well
  8. Frederick_99

    Hudl 'Tesco button removal' now in the MoDaCo Toolkit

    thanks for the toolkit, just removed the T worked briliantly thanks :)
  9. Frederick_99

    Full Screen Mode For Hudl (Hide Navigation Bar)

    thanks for all the advice on this forum having just bought my first Android tablet ( Tesco Hudl) have now successfully rooted it ( using the Chinese Vroot method) installed Xposed Framework and the MoDaCo toolkit and Ultimate Dynamic Navbar, so now have fullscreen and no Tesco T works like a charm !
  10. Frederick_99

    Car mount, a recommendation

    Yes, nice find.....quick question though.....does the GPS still work whilst still in the case. Ive not tried mine whilst still in a case but read that the "magnetic" clasps interfere with the GPS reception. Would be interested to hear your feedback .
  11. Frederick_99

    HDMI cable?

    well i bought an inexpensive hdmi cable off ebay and it dosent work on either of my TV's :(
  12. Frederick_99

    wireless display / miracast from the hudl?

    Works for me to with Samsung smart TV...what you see on the Hudl you see on the TV :)

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