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  1. 270x is awesome for its price! You got to choose what you'll be using more I guess :P
  2. What GPU do you have with your 8350 offtopic? :P I'm planning on getting a 8350
  3. Thank you so much rhen! My play store is working all thanks to you and the others :D
  4. Oh yeah its google drive, I'm downloading it. Thanks for the help on which to pick :P
  5. Thanks rhen :) I'll try it now. Which one should I take? There are multiple on mediafire :p
  6. lol, I tried installing another one and it said this: "Insufficient Storage space available in System partition." Know any GApps to use?
  7. Tried it, reinstalled Cyanogenmod 11 and GApps for CM11 and no results, the google apps aren't there. I downloaded them from the official GApps page on the cyanogenmod wiki
  8. btw do I need to remove CM11 or just install it again?
  9. Oh so I just need to reinstall CM11 and then install the GApps?
  10. I have already tried it but Google play just closes when I open it :(
  11. I have already tried it but Google play just closes when I open it :(
  12. Hello guys, Anyone knows how I can install the Play store on my CM11? Kind regards, Ruben
  13. How long should this cyanogenmod booting take? -Nevermind, it launched 30 seconds after posting this!
  14. Rebooting my phone now, It installed CM and GApps and now CMod is booting :D. Thanks for the help :P
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