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  1. As Stock ROM, doesn't have that issue... (PS: Don't doublepost :) )
  2. Also you can set it to "0" using Kernel Adiutor on the "Virtual Memory" section checking the "Apply on boot" option first :)
  3. Pues cuando salgan, pienso yo... -------------------------------------------- When they are avalaible, I think...
  4. Trying on CM11... good performance for now :)
  5. I flashed this ROM with TWRP (wipes on cache, dalvik, data, system, android-secure, internal sd) and no problems here... after a pair of reboots the ROM works smoothly :) Nice work srfarias :)
  6. Hey! You are making some publicity to "Nescafe" xD Ps... I'll try this rom :)
  7. You can install a Music Player and a File Explorer from the Play Store... ;) PS: Use English on your posts, or you can be amonested :/
  8. Installed here with Open GApps... a bit laggy setting up the rom for the first time, but then it becomes smotthly after a few reboots (configuring) For now, excellent... I don't know if this build can make VOiP calls, but still an excellent ROM
  9. Ask it to SlimRoms team... chil360 builds SlimLP according the updates on the SlimLP's github ;)
  10. Well... KitKat works smoothly... Lollipop, in early beta, too :)
  11. Rare... I tried the ROM for 2 days and 0 blackscreens... I just reverted to AOSP MOD because I can't send music files on Whatsapp :P
  12. This is a "SLIM" ROM... don't ask for heavy features ;) And if I'm not wrong, you can apply Layers RRO "Themes" in this ROM
  13. fonz93 now doesn't have an Y300... so this project and CM12.1 are actually dropped :( The only active project is SlimLP ;)

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