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  1. I have flashed the ROM of [02.03.2014] including CronMod-INT2EXTV2+_self_mod.zip . The CronMod-INT2EXTV2+_self_mod.zip that i merge CronMod-INT2EXT+_signed and CronMod-INT2EXTV2+_signed,it's virtual wifi miniport (of NB) connection speed is faster than the other. CronMod-INT2EXTV2+_self_mod.zip
  2. I was already flashed two 2014/3/2's rom which one including INT2EXTplus-C3C0-20130319 and two including CronMod-INT2EXT+_signed. The rom including CronMod-INT2EXT+_signed is better than the others. The wifi speed is faster and Totle system run's speed is smoothly on the rom including CronMod-INT2EXT+_signed.
  3. My wifi's download speed become slow, after flash the 20140302's ROM
  4. INT2EXTplus-C3C0-20130319.zip I has installed the latest 0216 ROM including int2ext+ . It's work fine. you must use the int2ext+ version that MoDaCo moded , not stock int2ext+ version, Here is MoDaCo moded int2ext+ version :
  5. cm-11-20140205-UNOFFICIAL-skate.zip I install this rom ,then WIFI can't connect always. --------------------------------------------------------- I replaced the router, WIFI was finally able to connect
  6. INT2EXTplus-C3C0-20130319.zip I has installed this rom it didn't include the int2ext+, You need to flash it,int2ext+ file in here :
  7. Thanks for fagyi Please forgive to my bad english, I install your rom into my "Fantastic T3" ( ZTE Skate of Taiwan version)including int2ext+ , Everything is fine,except connecting to WIFI is very slow, But connecting to WIFI become fast,when I enable the fly mode, -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I replaced the router, WIFI was finally able to connect
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