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  1. What are the differences between the two files? After flash do I have to reinstall the system (currently your LineageOS 13.0)?
  2. https://indianexpress.com/article/technology/tech-news-technology/google-android-9-0-pie-go-edition-launched-will-start-rolling-out-later-this-year-5311955/ @adeii Do you think it will be possible to install it in the Ascend Y300/G510?
  3. There are many files, do I have to install them all?
  4. @adeii crDroid is a great rom but has three bugs: - the camera is really dark; - the fm radio app is installed but does not work; - the function to set the external storage as primary does not work. It can only be done by editing the build.prop file, maybe with the Xposed module.
  5. I use Camera2 and Open Camera and both are darker than when I used them with Slimkat 9.1 (display legacy). New bug: sometimes some apps like the theme manager, Trebuchet and F-Droid crash. Now I can not open Titanium Backup and the app manager. Restarting the phone is useless. Edit: I'm sorry, I was wrong, the camera app is ok.
  6. how can I do it? edit: Error during installation. Only last release NanoDroid-microG-17.4.20180731.zip works properly. @adeii This method works: Paste the following at the bottom of the build.prop. # Switch External With Internal persist.sys.vold.switchexternal=1 # Storage configuration ro.vold.switchablepair=/storage/sdcard0,/storage/sdcard1 Maybe a bug: the camera is very dark.
  7. Thanks but microg's installer is in russian! EDIT: @adeii Exactly! The installer causes a reboot and it's a big problem because without the "XInternalSD" module I can't set the sd card as primary storage.
  8. There are many files for the Y300: ril_u8833_cm13.zip ril_u8833_los13.zip ril+radio_u8833_cm13.zip ril+radio+audio_u8833_cm13.zip rilz_los13.zip spoofed-LOS13-june-u8833.zip Do I have to install them all? What is the difference between "Lineage-13.0-20170605-UNOFFICIAL-u8833.zip" and "Lineage-13.0-20171020-odexed-u8833.zip" ?
  9. @adeii good rom and works properly with opengapps, but have some little bugs: - don't have the WPS function; - don't have the contacts app and the icon in the call app don't work; - the flashlight's icon in the quick settings don't work; - Play Store don't work (error code 0 or RH-01); - too many redundant apps: 2 calculators, 2 browsers (Baidu Mini is good), 2 music apps and 4 file manager (Total Commander is good).
  10. Don't work always. The best solution is "XinternalSD" module for XPosed. Latest release of Open Camera work properly.
  11. YouTube is too heavy for y300. You can try NewPipe from FDroid repository. For Gmail you can use the stock email app.
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