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  1. Yeh, the case does look completely beat up. But also, in order to turn it on, I have to pretend to hard reset my fone...is there anything I can do?
  2. Yeh, I think they ignore most of the spv c500 comments these days...I have been getting no reply! Its so annoying! I think you need to hard reset your fone, if you have tried that, then we need to work out how to repair our phones....! :)
  3. Hmm...basically putting it bluntly... My SPV C500 is totally messed up, it is so completely broken. it wont turn on without pretending to hard reset it, and camera is scratched, case is scratched, the up button won't work. How do I get it repaired? and how much would it cost roughly (gbp) :)
  4. Hey! after dropping my spv C500 several times, it looks seriously abused, can you buy new covers or anything? :oops:
  5. Hey! Is there a windows mobile 5 update for spv c500 and I have unlocked my spv c500 and am now on 02, my internet and pics aren't working, I called 02 and they said they don't have the settings for my fone as it is orange exclusive. Anyone help me with any of the questions? :??: thanx
  6. okay this is going to make me sound like a total noob, but wat is all the tomtoms? wat is the difference, my understanding of tt is that it fixes your gps, cos wen u switch network it no longer works (i switched to o2 and my internet and mms no longer works) is this correct, and if so wat is the difference between the one you pay for and the one you dont pay for?
  7. yeh! I have the solution now! If you run win XP or 2000 then when installing 4 it should have made a restore point so go to control pannel, maintenance and performance, system restore and restore installation 4.0 (this will take you to your computer before the installation of 4) :) So happy back to normal again!
  8. Ever since i installed active sync 4.0 I have regretted it as it did not sync my contacts, when I uninstalled it and reinstalled 3.8 it wouldnt work anymore, now I have found the solution, I went to control pannel, performance and maintennance and found that I could restore my system to before the installation, and now everything is working fine again! Just thought I would help u all :D :)
  9. er...I installed active sync 4.0, then it would sync with my smartphone, so i uninstalled it and installed 3.8, now active sync wont open, even tho i installed it, n e advice???
  10. thanx usdiver for the detailed account! I appreciate it, your idea seems better, I will probably just imei check, cos then I can put the rom update with WMP10, without the hassel of waiting and looking for the uk version to be realeased! It probably will be cheaper in the long run to buy a US pay as you go as well. Thanx again :)
  11. wat do u mean certain recievers? wud it work with 02? if u find the leaked uk version wud anything b effected?
  12. yeh, i think u just have to download the tomtom patch and its fixed, correct?
  13. o yeh, and how do u stop your mobile from always being connected to GRPS? (the big G sign, I heard it runs down the battery.
  14. http://www.modaco.com/index.php?act=boardrules :roll:
  15. Ages ago there was talk about the new rom update for SPV C500 to come out for the uk (since already out in France) what are the updates in this? is it out for the Uk yet? :??: :exclaim:
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