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  1. and my poweramp also give an error :( why this update crash so many apps?
  2. I don't can go on my homescreen, bugged nova launcher it occured after last update what can i do?
  3. @H3ROS, what kernel was in this rom before I flash synopsis? link please/.
  4. I mean absence of perfomance in ram Apps don't remain in ram. What zip do you flash?
  5. what zip i need to flash for swap? synopsis kernel is installed. zRam is bad on this rom,
  6. ok i flash synopsis and after reboot flash zRam AOSP MOD --> ZRAM ENABLED how i can then manage of enable zRam, because now i dont see difference
  7. i see you think that zram is more better, okay this one also need to flash synopsis? https://www.mediafire.com/folder/ald9dyk2bdym9/stable can i flash this one for enable 50mb zRam?
  8. what are you think about app RAMEXPANDER? what is more better for this rom? zram or swap I need to flash synopsis in recovery for this?
  9. how i can activate swap on this rom? which rom need to flash? link please
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