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  1. It totally bricked my Moto G xt1032 :-( It had installed falcon_retar_user_4.4.2_KXB20.9-1.10-1.9_7_release-keys-cid12-Latam_AR After applying, there was some boot screen which faded with wrong colors (i think it was pink) and then it got black for a while... I let it work (hoping that was working in background) for 1 minute or so, but after that nothing happened, so I powered it down with the power key, And that was the end of my cellphone. Now it doesn't boot, it doesn't even show anything nor vibrate. It's completely bricked. Not booting with power, or volume down + power, or all the buttons at the time... It's dead! Any Ideas on how I recover it? Or just let it go? :-( =========== EDIT ================ I didn't quit trying things, and suddenly it started to work again! I don't know exactly what I did, (I suspect that it was holding for very long time the power button with the usb cable connected), but something about 20/30 minutes later it went on again! (the problem was it did'nt boot even with volume down + power, or power, or anything). I don't know what happened. Oh, and I'm root now. So... Thanks!
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