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  1. okay done and phone is now working!! :) thank you for the help nearly ended up buying a new phone will message you if it plays up again
  2. Huawei ascend y300. Part of screen does not work but sometimes it does... i cant use the "t" "f" or "c" button on the keyboard but it goes through the whole screen so i can't do much on the phone. It sometimes work by when I lock then unlock phone but it hasn't worked this time :( i haven't attempted to root the device as i don't want to risk it... i cant send phone back as I got no warranty and i got this as a Christmas present so i don't have the receipt for it :( is this a software problem or have i just f*cked it by dropping it?
  3. part of my does not work and this happens a lot... i haven't done anything to it just left it, sometimes the screen works then sometimes it don't and now it doesn't work fullstop can anyone help me? i cant send it back as i got no warranty with it :( is it a software problem or have i just f*cked it?

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