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  1. Grays85

    Don't buy Vowney V5

    at least with a "glass" iPhone you can easily get parts and customer service ..can't even get the info off it with a screen....
  2. Grays85

    Don't buy Vowney V5

    customer service is a joke :angry: parts dont exist :angry2: just saying.. ours got knocked off a table screen broke..have to throw it away unviable to repair Bad investment :angry:
  3. Grays85

    Vowney V5 spares

    :huh: Hi Guys. Just wondered if anyone knows where to get a new screen?. My niece has broken her screen, she can hear it but can't tap in password to start up... Pandawill want 90 dollars for a new screen?? :blink: which i think is steep as the fone was only 143 dollars The fone supplier says the will give me a price if i send the fone to China from Uk once they've looked at it.. but won't send a new screen :( so a great, really well packed...cheap fone, :D but little in regards spares as far as i can see... :mellow: cheers guys n gals ps white in pic is reflection from Kindle, used to take pic :P

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